The secret to Tess Daly’s glow (it involves crushed pearls)

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Tess Daly is looking absolutely flawless and we know her secret! That gorgeous skin is thanks to body make-up is giving her a helping hand.

Like the rest of the Strictly Come Dancing team, Tess Daly is looking absolutely flawless this series – and we know her secret! That gorgeous skin is not just thanks to her fantastic health regime and great genes, body make-up is giving her a helping hand.

Melanie Mills has been a make-up artist for 21 years and is the creator of Gleam body make-up which Tess and other TV and film stars swear by for natural looking tone and colour when they’re on screen. Melanie started her career in movies before moving on to TV, winning an Emmy Award and nominated for 17 more. She’s based in LA where she lives with her husband Nick and 15 year-old daughter.

We caught up with her to find out why body make-up will be the hot trend hitting our lives in 2019…

How did your range of body make-up come about?

I was the lead make-up artist for Dancing with the Stars and I found myself in a pickle with what was available on the market in terms of body make-up. I needed a product that would hydrate the dancers’ dried out skin from over self-tanning and sun bedding; and to even out the streaks and discolouration left over from the sunless tanning along with it needing to be transfer resistant. I also wanted the bodies to glow and this was before the glow products trend. Out of frustration I ended up mixing various products to resemble what is now Gleam Body Radiance. The dancers themselves called it, “Gleam” and once celebrities, dancers and models started driving out to my house for little bits of it I decided to try taking it to market. I worked on the formula for over a year with a local lab to perfect the formula. (You can buy it here if you’re interested). 

And it’s being used on Strictly this series? 

Aimee Adams who is Tess Daly’s make-up artist uses it on her for the show and on Tess’s other projects and on Aimee’s other clients. This has brought a big spotlight to the product.

Some people would ask what the point of body make-up?

Gleam Body Radiance is a makeup, moisturiser and glow all in one.  It comes in six universal shades that work with all skin tones, delivering a sexy subtle glow, and highly or a bronzed tan, depending on skin tone and shade choice. As a makeup there is enough pigment in it to use as an illuminating BB cream and primer or to even out imperfections and discolourations for the body. If you are fair and go for a darker shade the pigment will act as an instant kiss of colour or tan. The product is referred to as liquid stockings as it leaves the legs looking sexy and flawless. The moisturiser is full of amazing ingredients that are good for your skin. Water is the first ingredient with jojoba oil, olive oil, aloe, white and green tea extracts and vitamin E along with a wrinkle filler and skin tightener. The glow is subtle as it made of crushed pearls.

We can understand why celebrities love it so much, but how does body make-up work for us mere mortals?

This is not just for celebrities and special events – although you shouldn’t be caught without it for those grand occasions. This product can be used daily as a primer or mixed into foundation and used daily on any skin showing – especially in shorts, skirts and dresses. Once the product is on and has dried it’s quite natural looking. It’s addicting as when you see the before and after from one leg to the other you’ll never want to leave home without it! Then it stays put until it’s washed off with soap and water.

Do you think there will be an increasing trend towards using body make-up – is it something we will see more of in the next year or two?

I think with how big the cosmetic arena has become and how savvy millennials and the everyday consumer are once they realise how easy the product is to use and that it doesn’t transfer, it will become part of the daily regimen. This is especially true when you see the before and after effects.

Any tips for selecting the right shade – should you use different shades for different parts of your body?

To even out your normal skin tone choose a shade closest to it. To brighten and lighten choose lighter shades and to bronze or tan choose darker shades. Most people tend to go with a shade close or lighter for face and darker for body.




You can follow Melanie and Tess on Instagram and if you’re interested in ways to give your skin a healthy glow this winter, top stylist Donna McCulloch, aka SulkyDoll, reveals her tips for using Lumity Skin Nutrients Facial Oil on top of your make-up for added shine! 


Tess is styled by James Yardley and in the above photo wears a white jumpsuit by Suzanne Neville. Lede image via Instagram.

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