The skincare routines that the pros do at home and will work for you too

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You know your skin is in good hands when you visit your facialist, but have you ever wondered how they care for their own complexions? Lumity spoke to several skincare gurus and discovered some top tips from them about the regimes they follow.

From oils to exfoliating, massage to moisturisers these skincare professionals know a thing or two about what to put on your skin and when.

Facial Massage

A-list facialist Nichola Joss has the likes of Meghan Markle, Margot Robbie, Gisele Bundchen and Jennifer Lopez in her client book and when it comes to keeping their skin and hers glowing she swears by facial massage.
She showed Lumity exactly how to do a DIY massage after cleansing your skin. Nichola says the morning and nighttime massage routine will leave skin smoother, softer and more toned.

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Shani Darden is the woman behind many of the fabulous faces in Hollywood. Jessica Alba, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Chrissy Teigen and Kim Kardashian are just a few of the stars who have called upon her skincare services.
She told Lumity that exfoliating is key to keep your skin glowing and bright. “I recommend 1-2 times a week to get rid of the dry skin that can make your complexion look dull,” she says adding that it’s even more important in the colder weather when skin gets drier.

Change your diet

Skincare Instagrammer Reena Ruparelia shares her journey as a Psoriasis suffer with her 9,000 followers but knows all too well the importance of not only what you put on your skin but what you feed it with from within.
Even if you don’t have a skin condition like Reena what you eat will impact your skin in a big way and you should see your diet as a step in your beauty regime.
Reena says: “What I eat makes an insane amount of difference to my skin. Processed foods leave my skin dry and inflamed. But when I eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, good fats and loads of water you see my skin transform.
“You’d be amazed the difference diet will make to your complexion too.”

Look at the ingredients

Skincare blogger Lex Gillies has to pay special attention to her skin because she suffers from Rosacea, which leaves her with a red, flushed and inflamed complexion.
She’s tried more than her fair share of products over the years but says for sensitive skin the easiest way to ensure she’s not going to aggravate it is to opt for products that are described as; “Soothing and calming” and to leave ones that say invigorating, clarifying and energising on the shelf.

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Next generation cleansers

Abigail James is a leading skincare specialist in London and has a complexion to die for. She insists “cleanser, serum and SPF” are her go to products, and Lumity’s 4-in-1 Cleanse has got the thumbs up from her. Abigail insists next generation cleansers with all-natural ingredients are the future of skincare.
“White cleansers will soon be a thing of the past,” explains Abigail who also says the results are “superior”.
To use the product which acts as a makeup remover, cleanser, exfoliator and facial mask she says to warm a small amount in your palms and smooth onto dry skin.
“Massage it into the skin and leave it like a mask. You can leave it on while you brush your teeth and then remove it using a damp cloth.”


Sara Palmer Hussey PhD is the creator of Lumity and she says alongside gentle cleansing, minimum exfoliation and a nourishing, hydrating oil – like Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil – you should also consider taking Lumity Morning & Night Supplements.
They’ve been specially formulated to work around the clock to nourish your body with the right all-natural ingredients, at the right time.
You can not only expect smoother, more youthful looking skin but improved nails and hair and better overall wellbeing too.

If you’re looking for more beauty regime inspiration take a look at what these celebrity’s morning routines look like too.

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