The skincare secrets the A-List swear by

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The A-list spend their entire lives surrounded by the very best hair, beauty and skincare professionals, and as they travel almost all of the time, working long hours and often skipping on sleep because of jetlag, we wanted to know what their best skincare and beauty tips are.

Whilst at the glittering Cannes Film Festival this earlier this year, we caught up with some of our favourite stars and asked what the best tricks are that they have learned over the years – the ones they use day in, day out, that don’t cost a fortune.

Petra Němcová says focus on within for true outer beauty 

Petra Němcová is a Czech model, TV star and philanthropist, who founded the Happy Hearts Fund to help survivors of the tsunami which devastated Thailand in December 2004. The star’s fiancé drowned off the coast of the island Khao Lak – where they were holidaying to celebrate Christmas – and Němcová suffered a broken pelvis, plus serious internal injuries as she clung to a palm tree for eight hours before being rescued by civilians, who alerted the Thai authorities who then airlifted her to a mainland hospital.

Looking happy and relaxed this week, Petra told Lumity that meditation, thinking positively and focusing on happiness will, “make you radiate beauty from within”.

How Manuka honey can double as a cleanser 

Plus she added, “I have a strange trick, but I have done this for years, I use manuka honey on my face in the morning. I dab it on dry skin and use it as a cleanser. It’s antibacterial and makes your skin plump up. I put it on for five minutes and then wash it off. Then I use a scrub, and then a moisturiser with SPF.

“The honey is something I do every morning, never in the evening, it’s inexpensive and it works.”

If you’re wondering what manuka honey is it’s a monofloral raw honey which is made from the nectar of the manuka tree. Advocates, including Eve Kalinik, swear by its miraculous healing abilities for a number of illnesses and as well as using it for daily facial cleansing in a skincare regime like Petra does, you can also use it as a face mask.

Why great sleep is more important than anything to look good

Arizona Muse, who is a British supermodel and somehow manages to look even more luminous in real life than she does in photos, told us that, “lots of water, sleep and always taking my make up off before bed” are her main three skincare musts.

Although she did admit that she had “forgotten” to take her make up off the night before we spoke to her. Arizona said that her favourite at home beauty treat is, “a deep cleansing mud mask. I do it once a week. It pulls everything out and your skin really glows afterwards.” Yet another reason to indulge in a self-care Sunday.

The three second trick that can save tired skin 

Arya Hargate, who is a British-Thai actress and a Cannes red carpet darling because of her impeccable style choices, told us, “If you wake up in the morning and you’re running late and are tired and feel like you’re not glowing, take a primer and add a dab in the corner of each eye, on the top of your cheekbones and on your forehead above your eyebrows. It’s a brilliant way to look awake and add some instant shimmer and glow.” 

Meanwhile, Susan Sarandon, who had Vogue declaring that ’70 is the new 20!’ after her red carpet appearance which opened the festival last week, told the fashion bible, “I’m shocked to be 70 myself! I keep thinking I’m younger, and I feel that inside! It was kind of a strange moment, that milestone…”

She added, “The secret – I mean, honestly, I think staying engaged and staying curious and having a good time is really a lot of it. And not smoking is really important. I think that staying hydrated and not doing anything too extreme, too… Also I’m not really a drinker. I think a little bit of wine in moderation is probably good, but I think really if you drink heavily it’s not great. But I guess good genes. I thank my mother.”


skicare secret
Use manuka honey as a cleanser: A natural antibacterial wonder that is wonderful when used in a daily skincare routine


There you have it; meditation, water, manuka honey, lots of sleep and having fun but keeping the alcohol consumption in moderation are all how to stay looking fabulous year after year. Sounds good to us!

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