The supermodel’s guide to keeping in shape

-Nov 29, Jenny Paul, Fitness -

how supermodels stay in shape

Have you ever looked at Victoria’s Secret models and wondered how they stay in such amazing shape? 

The models all train with Kirk Myers, who owns the wildly popular Dog Pound gym in New York, which is famous for its gruelling workouts that mix boxing, strength work and cardio – burning a whopping 700 calories in one hour.

Kirk tells Lumity that you only have to do one thing if you want to start exercising and get in great shape – get off the sofa and go to the gym, because once you’re there, the rest will happen on its own:

“The Victoria’s Secret models all train in a group and that’s something I encourage for everyone because positive energy becomes infectious and if you’re with friends working out feels like fun,” Kirk says. “You’re laughing and joking but you also provide motivation for each other when one is having an off day. So focus on getting to a gym then find a friend who will agree to working out with you – the buddy system works.

“If someone else is with you in a class you’ll feel silly getting up and walking out halfway through.”

He adds that you don’t have to work out every single day, but Kirk points out that you’ll feel better during the festive season if you’re exercising than you will if you’re eating piles of mince pies every day:

“People seem to think of exercise as punishment but the opposite is true, it’s doing something that’s pleasurable – you’re getting yourself in shape and you’re giving yourself some feel-good endorphins.

“I usually put on hip hop or some loud music and once you’re really moving and in the moment it’s a brilliant way to combat stress.

“If during December you’re going to the gym say, five days a week for an hour each time, you’ll feel a sense of pride once you’ve kept it up for a week or two. But if you’re not working out and you know you’re eating too much of the kind of food that makes you put on weight, you will feel sluggish and maybe even be a bit down on yourself. Working out does make you more motivated in other areas of your life and you start to feel as though you can take on anything.”

Even the most exercise-phobic person can find something they love if they set their mind to it, Kirk says. “Some of the Victoria’s Angels love cardio, others love doing weights, it all depends on the individual. But there will be something that you enjoy doing – once you find that thing you love, the rest falls into place when it comes to getting into a workout routine.”

So, what about diet? “When my clients are trying to manage their weight they often eat clean, which is just about eating more of the healthy food groups and less of the unhealthy ones. But all of them say life is about balance, so if they want to eat chocolate then they do – but then they make sure they enjoy every single bite instead of wolfing it back and then feeling guilty afterwards.”

Kirk also says that you don’t have to head to the gym and you can work out at home, or even if your office if you want. “It really is just about moving your body,” Kirk explains.

“There’s no rule that says during December that you have to put on weight and eat to excess. You could turn it on its head and see December as a period of time where you start getting into healthier habits which you continue into the New Year and for the rest of your life.

“Once you get up and start to move, the rest will happen on its own – keep it fun, mix it up and enjoy it.”

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