The top 10 New Year’s beauty resolutions for 2020

-Dec 27, Jenny Paul , Beauty -

New year, new you – that’s the saying. But it can be easy for January to wriggle its way into our lives without us taking time to take stock of the year before. Resolutions can be tough to make, and even tougher to stick to, so here at Lumity we thought we’d create a list of our top 10 beauty resolutions that each and every one of us should be making this year, to take some of the hard work out of new beginnings and happy new years.

Some of these ideas are likely things you already know you should be doing, but there’s no harm in regular gentle reminders. And, the great thing about these resolutions is that you’ll look so fabulous if you stick to them, that it will give you the incentive you need to make it last.

1. Wear sunscreen

Yes, we all know, SPF is important – and sun is the biggest cause of wrinkles and premature skin aging that there is. But do you remember to protect your skin each and every day? Put a daily lightweight moisturiser with added SPF on your shopping list this week and make it part of your daily routine.

2. Don’t pick

There’s nothing more tempting when faced with a spot or blemish than to give it a pick but we all know that’s the worst thing you can do. Picking a pimple can cause infection or spread bacteria making the whole situation worse. This year, fight the urge!

3. Massage your face

Take a couple of minutes in the morning and at night to dedicate to a firming facial massage and reap the benefits of wrinkle reduction and fabulous skin hydration. Nichola Joss, makeup artist to the stars, has developed a facial massage especially for us using our groundbreaking Lumity Skin Nutrients Facial Oil. Here’s her legendary facial massage technique for you to do at home and she shares more with us here.



4. Take a blow dry break

Styling your hair with hairdryers and flat irons is the number one cause of dryness and breakage, so schedule in a blow dry break once a month where you take 5 days out. Visit the hairdresser for some updo inspiration or schedule your style-free days for a gap between big nights out. Your hair will thank you for it! Here’s some more tips for gorgeous glossy hair. 

5. Out with the old, in with the new

Start 2020 with a new set of makeup brushes and throw out all the beauty products that are out of date. Now you can actually see the back of your bathroom cabinet it’s time to take stock of which products you actually use and see if there are any gaps in your beauty requirements. A yearly clear out helps keep your cupboards in order and makes it easier to stick to new routines.

6. Wash your makeup brushes

Talking of brushes, when you’ve bought new ones, commit to taking care of them. Brushes full of dirt and old product will not do your skin any favours. Make time every weekend to give them a quick wash with a specialist brush washer to make sure everything you’re putting on your face is clean.

7. Wear the right makeup for your age

Take time this January to think about your makeup routine and ask yourself if you’ve made changes to take into account your changing skin. Make-up tips for those in their 40s are very different to those you used long ago – so learn some new tricks if you haven’t updated your routine for a while.

8. Schedule some down time

There’s nothing more important than making time for yourself, no matter how busy you are working and looking after yourself and others. Once a week, schedule in some me time where you retire into the bathroom, leaving all electronic devices, and luxuriate in a bath with a good book.

9. Never, and we mean never, sleep with your makeup on

We don’t need to go into details here. Eva Longoria already told us and while we all know the rules, we still flout them at times. But this is one that’s just not worth it. For the few seconds it takes to wipe a hot flannel across your features, it’s just not worth taking the risk of bad skin from sleeping in your slap. Take time to wash away the day’s dirt with Lumity’s 4-in-1 Cleanse. 

10. Drink more water

Another no brainer, but one that’s too easy to forget. Take a jug or water bottle to work so you have a constant reminder to sip throughout the day. Staying well hydrated helps prevent wrinkles and lifts a dull complexion. Feeling thirsty now? Why not start this resolution today?

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