The top beauty podcasts for the over 40s

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Top beauty podcasts for the over 40's

We are absolutely loving the new wave of beauty podcasts out there at the moment. Aimed at women over 40, they’re funny, witty and brilliantly informative. We take a look at some of the best ones. 

There’s no doubt the popularity of the podcast continues to rise and rise. And as a way of keeping up to date with new beauty products, the science behind skin care and educating yourself on new make up techniques they can be fantastic.

So, plug into these on your commute to learn a little and in some cases laugh a lot too!

The Emma Guns Show

Emma Gunavardhana – aka Emma Guns – is an experienced beauty, health and lifestyle writer. And, her podcasts feature inspirational women who have plenty to talk about.

From beauty tips to self-care, these candid chats with guests ranging from Nadine Baggott to Louise Rednapp will have you hooked.

(We love Nadine’s YouTube blogs and Louise and Emma Thatcher’s A Style Album).

They are also a great way to find out the story behind the expert and a chance to learn from the life lessons which have made them the guru’s they are now.

We also love Emma’s posts on Instagram:



Let’s talk about sleep. I’ve struggled a lot over the years and have had bouts of insomnia, which have usually been triggered by stress of some sort. I’ve had lots of messages from you saying you experience the same sort of disturbed sleep, which then impacts negatively on your day, so thought it was worth posting things I had tried that have definitely helped… 🙏🏼 Meditation: I use @headspace for 10 minutes a day and it keeps my stress levels from tipping over into fight or flight mode (which releases the hormones that then wake you up at 2am). 💊 Supplements: Magnesium Citrate before bed. @ian_marber gave me this advice and it was a game-changer. Magnesium is calming and relaxing, on mind and body, so I like to think of it as nature’s Valium. Sort of. ⏰ Diet: This is a new one, but since I started intermittent fasting in 16:8 for #26habits I’m sleeping better than I have in a really long time. Digestion takes a lot of energy so your body has to ‘power up’ to process a meal, which is at odds with wanting to unwind and get to sleep… 💎 More supplements: I’ve been taking @lumitylife for just over two months and saw an improvement in my sleep within a week of taking it. I interviewed @helenachristensen about it for @redmagazine last year and she talked about how it made her feel calmer and sleep better too. ⚗️ Aromatherapy: I put an aromatherapy diffuser in my bedroom a few months ago and if I’m feeling rattled and worried that i’m going to have a crappy night’s sleep I’ll pop some @nyr_official Night Time blend into it an hour before I go to sleep. It definitely makes a difference to how deeply I sleep and my room feels more relaxing to boot. 💦 Pillow Sprays: My favourite is @thisworksofficial Deep Sleep Pillow Spray – it’s incredible and I also take it with me whenever I travel to make a hotel room feel like home. Spritzing it onto an @holisticsilk Silk Pillow case is the height of luxury by the way… Any other sleep solutions you’ve tried that I haven’t mentioned? #insomnia #sleep #health #bedtime

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Beauty Talk with Janice and Denise Tunnell

Twin sisters Janice and Denise Tunnell are make-up artists for movies and celebs but still find time to host their weekly podcast which generally some beauty news and a guest. With their industry connections, they have plenty of expert make up technicians sharing their tips beauty product entrepreneurs talking about their inspiration.

Glowing Up with Esther Povitsky and Caroline Goldfarb

If you are looking for a laugh then comedians Esther Povitsky and Caroline Goldfarb will have you in stiches. Whether it be new skin care regimes or fitness trends, the pair will stop at nothing to try and live a ‘glowier’ life with hilarious results.

Fat Mascara with Jessica Goldstein and Jessica Matlin

This podcast certainly caused a bit of a stir when it was launched a year ago by glossy magazine beauty and health editors Jennifer Goldstein and Jessica Matlin.

They started it as they couldn’t cover all the beauty news they had access to and have packed in impressive guests since going on air from Charlotte Tilbury and Bobbi Brown.

They answer listener questions and cover topical issues too.

Green Beauty Conversations

If you are interested in natural skin care then this is podcast is the one for you. Formula Botanica is the world’s leading accredited online Organic Cosmetic Science School this is aimed mainly at those who want to create their own skin creams but is brilliant at demystifying what terms like ‘natural’ and ‘chemical free’ really mean.

The Beauty Brains with Perry Romanowski and Randy Schueller

Are you a bit of a beauty product skeptic? Do you always want to read the science bit about a new cream before even thinking about buying it?

If so this is the podcast for you.

With actual cosmetic scientist Perry Romanowski and Randy Schueller giving their opinions and advice, as well as debunking marketing myths and providing some unlikely tips, you will be able to shop confident after tuning in. And you’ll learn a lot to impress your friends with too! 

This Week in Make Up

If you are a make-up junkie and always keen to get the next hot product before it sells out then this is your dream podcast.

Presenter Crystal is a qualified make-up artist and along with her brother Forrest is in the know about what your make up bag is missing. From mainstream to indie brands they review products and also teach listeners some nifty make-up tips too.

Behind The Beauty with Serein Wu

This podcast, hosted by the Serein Wu, meets industry experts like make-up artists, beauty brand founders as well as healthy living authors and skin care creators. She finds out more about their backgrounds, what drives them and how they see their industry in the future.

A This Is Your Life for beauty buffs.


Did you enjoy this? Here’s a list of women over 50 who are busy posting up a storm on Instagram. And, if you’re feeling inspired by this then why not take part in our strong women campaign?

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