What the ultimate male skincare regime should look like

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Men can benefit from a good skincare routine as much as women but all too often they make do with the bare essentials instead. While a men’s regime doesn’t have to be complex it pays to be healthy and Lumity have the ultimate guide to what it should look like.

For many men a skincare regime equates to a quick face wash, a shave and some moisturiser. Whether it’s lack of interest, lack of knowledge or lack of time a good skincare routine doesn’t always factor in. 

But men are plagued with many of the same skin issues women are, from dry skin to premature ageing, breakouts or an oily complexion. 

So to ensure they get the opportunity to have their best skin ever, we have come up a simple, but effective step-by-step guide to great skin for guys.


First and foremost it’s time to take your supplements. Lumity’s new Morning and Night Male Supplement are formulated to include some of the best nutrients for skin health. So make sure you remember take your four capsules in the morning and four at bedtime too. 

They’re loaded with a powerhouse combination of all-natural ingredients, including omega 3s and amino acids to keep skin supple and radiant. 


Cleansing your skin is a major step in anyone’s skincare regime and one which shouldn’t be missed. It’s imperative you clean away dirt, grime and bacteria which can cause breakouts and leave skin looking way less than perfect. 

Cleansing both in the morning – you sweat at night – and at night is ideal.

But don’t reach for any old bar of skin-drying soap though. Instead use Lumity’s 4-in-1 Cleanse which cleanses, exfoliates, removes products from your skin and even acts as a facial mask if you like a little indulgence.

This time saving gem of a cleanser will buff away rough, dry skin and it takes mere minutes to rub onto skin and simply clean away with cold or luke warm water. 


Next up while your skin is still damp you’ll want to grab a few drops of Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil. It’s a moisturising dream and is so lightweight it’s easy to rub into your skin – facial hair or not – for age defying skin. A lot of men don’t like using moisturiser because of the way it feels on their skin, but with this you’ll barely know it is there. 

Eye Cream

If you’re starting to see fine lines and wrinkles appearing around your eyes, or dark circles are becoming an issue you can help send them packing with a nourishing eye cream. Eye creams are  generally thicker than regular moisturiser and should be dotted around the eyes before being gently rubbed in. Use morning and night for maximum effect. 


Rugged good looks are one thing but sun damaged skin is another. Protect your skin from harmful UV rays and reduce your risk of skin by wearing an SPF of at least 30 every single day, rain or shine.  

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