The ultimate smart packing guide – how to only take hand luggage on holiday

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Packing purely hand luggage for a two week holiday in the sun sounds like a nightmare, but actually once you master it, it’ll save you time, money and a whole lot of effort. Lumity has come up with the ultimate guide to making travelling light for a summer get-away, work for you.

When you have a bulging wardrobe, product-packed beauty cabinet and a shoe cupboard to rival Imelda Marcos, the thought of squeezing enough outfits into a carry on bag for a week or more can make you break out in a cold sweat.

But don’t be deterred, because this is a challenge well worth figuring out and we’ve got some tips to help you on your way. 

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Check your bag size

First and foremost make sure you’re packing the right sized suitcase. All your well thought out prep will be a complete waste of time if you get to the check-in desk only to discover you’re bag is simply the wrong dimensions. Bag allowances vary from airline to airline so what works for one might not work for another.

You can check the dimensions and the weight allowances on the airline’s website before you start packing.

Plan your outfits

Don’t just grab every t-shirt, pair of shorts, and summer dress and attempt to squeeze them in. Make a list and plan the outfits you want to wear each and every day and remember to be ruthless. Circumstances can shake things up – especially where weather is concerned – but if you create a capsule wardrobe with plenty of mix and match options you can always make it work .

Too many choices will actually just complicate matters and if you already have what you’re going to wear mapped out then that’s extra time enjoying your vacation rather than stood staring at your wardrobe.

Pack for a week

Even if you’re fortunate enough to be jetting off for two weeks in the sun, there’s only need to pack for one. Hotels have the luxury of laundry services and if you’re in self catering you likely have a washing machine. Alternatively there’s always the option to squeeze in a bit of hand washing. Not particularly glamorous we know but it won’t take long and it’ll save you lots of space in the long run. 

Pack travel size

The liquid limitation on hand luggage is often what forces people to pay up and pack a big big bag for the hold. Containers mustn’t hold more than 100ml of liquid but nowadays that is completely feasible. Many companies provide travel size and that includes Lumity who now offer easy-to-pack 7-day travel bags for their day and night supplements meaning the glass jars can stay at home.

Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil already comes in a handy 30ml jar and you’ll have no problem picking up travel sized suncreams, shampoos and conditioners either.

If your favourite beauty product doesn’t come in mini then just decant it into a smaller container instead.

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Wear bulky items

If you need to take a bulkier item; a thicker cardigan, heavy jeans or a chunky pair of wedges, then wear them onboard instead of taking up room in the case. It might not be the exact outfit you had planned for your jet-setting but if it makes room for three other cute costume changes then it’ll be worth it. 

Roll up

Rather than folding all your clothes try rolling them instead. You’ll be amazing how much more you can fit into your case. If you’re worried about how creased they’ll be at the other end then hang them in a steamy bathroom once you reach your destination or if you’re staying in a hotel you can easily request a steamer if there’s not one already in your room.

Fill your boots

It doesn’t have to be your boots you fill but by making the most of the empty spaces in your case you’ll get a lot more in. Try putting your knickers or smaller items inside your trainers or if you’ve packed a small clutch bag for a night out, don’t leave it empty for the flight. There are often small pockets around your case that go unnoticed and unfilled so have a search and make sure every inch is packed. Just remember to keep an eye on the weight!

Load up one device

We know there’s nothing like turning the pages of a good book on your holiday but don’t take up valuable space in your one piece of hand luggage with a huge book. If you can load all your entertainment up onto one device, like a kindle or iPad and take that instead. If you don’t want to take your iPad to the pool – completely understandable – then purchase a book at the airport or when you get to your destination and once you’ve finished it you can pass it onto another fellow holiday maker. 

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Use multi-functional products

Limit your beauty bag by taking products that double up as others. For example Lumity’s Skin Facial Nutrients Oil isn’t just fab for hydrating your skin, it acts a moisturiser, a highlighter, can tame flyaway hairs and even ease your skin if you’ve had a little too much time in the sun! You can buy multiple makeup sticks too which double up as blush, eye shadow and lipstick which means you pack one item rather than making room for three.

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