The ways your skin can improve in your 50s

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You've got so much to look forward to once you hit 50s and that includes what happens to your skin. We list how skin improves over 50.
You’ve got so much to look forward to once you hit 50s and that includes what happens to your skin.

We often consider the wisdom and confidence with each passing year, but did you know that there’s skin benefits that you’ll notice?

Here’s how your skin can improve as you age.

Acne reduces

You are far more likely to be waving bye bye to acne. It’s a common complaint for teens but many people suffer with the skin condition in their 30s or 40s, even more so when they have PMT. So, as you head towards your menopause and your reproductive hormones diminish, so do your spotty breakouts.

Since the average age to go through menopause is 51, if you’re an acne sufferer your spots will likely be less troublesome soon after you enter your 50s.

Skin becomes less oily

Spending your life with a packet of blotting paper in your pocket isn’t a lot of fun. If oily skin has been the bane of your existence for as long as you can remember, you can rejoice in the knowledge that as you age your sebasceous glands naturally produce less oil. 

Just ensure you invest in a good skin ally such as Lumity Skin Nutrients Facial Oil to keep skin hydrated and ensure it doesn’t dry out.

Pores are less noticeable

You don’t often see older women with large, noticeable pores and there is a reason. That’s because when less oil is produced,the less noticeable the pores are. Pores become dilated when oil clogs them and blackheads are created . You don’t have to battle with those issues as you age.

Skin becomes a priority

When you’re younger, if you have good skin you simply take it for granted. But as you age you realise it takes more than a quick wash and moisturise to get the glow. Discovering products like Lumity Skin Nutrients Facial Oil and Lumity Day and Night Supplements will give your skin and overall wellbeing the boost it needs. And post 50 you’ll definitely appreciate those benefits.

You’re more aware of your body

You’ve lived with your body for over half a decade so when something isn’t quite right you notice. Being more aware of your body means you’re more likely to pick up on changes which can sometimes save your life. If a new mole or beauty spot pops up, or there’s a change in the existing ones you will probably notice sooner rather than later. And, you’ll have the wisdom to go straight to see an expert to get it checked out. Early detection in cancer can significantly improve the chances of recovery.

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