“The wisdom I will pass on to my grandchildren”

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Wisdom can often be hard-earned, but as a busy working mother with three young grandchildren, Kimberly Palmieri certainly knows a thing or two about wisdom and how to sail through life whilst making the most of every single day.

The 52-year-old Practice Manager at the Aesthetic Speciality Centre in Roswell, in the United States is one of our clients and heard about Lumity through a colleague. She has gathered some real gems of wisdom from the people in her life over the years which she intends to pass on to her young grandchildren, who are aged one, two and three years old.

We wanted to know more about the lessons that Kimberly has learned, and what nuggets of wisdom she’ll be imparting onto those three little people as they grow up and make their way into the world…


Kimberly Palmieri, 52, pictured with one of the grandchildren she will pass her wisdom onto. 

What inspires you every day?

“Change and being surrounded and supported by amazing people that encourage me to grow and that want to see me do well,” Kimberly tells Lumity. “Getting up and knowing that I have three little people (my grandchildren who are aged, one, two and three respectively) that I want to make proud of me, and that will see me as that fun grandmother who is full of energy that can still keep up with them.”

What’s the best advice or wisdom that you have ever been given and by whom? 

“I’ve been very lucky in this regard,” Kimberly insists. “Absolutely, always strive to do better and be better than I was yesterday. Challenge myself to learn more – try new things. I try not to take life very seriously – laugh often and try NOT to overthink everything.

“I try to truly enjoy the moment and strive to make a positive difference in the life of those around me.  Besides my amazing mother that is probably the most positive person I know – I have been fortunate enough to work with people over the years that there is no way you could ever feel anything but positive after being with them.

“One was a past owner of a distributorship ( that actually got me in to this industry ) that I worked with – I really think she was one of the most inspiring people I have ever had the opportunity to meet.

“There are two things that she shared with me that have stuck with me for years – C.A.N.I – Constant And Never-ending Improvement. Never stop challenging yourself to learn more and be a better person for you and for those you come in contact with. And ask yourself, “what is my intent” … no matter what you are doing, no matter what conversation you enter, ask yourself that question and everything will end well as long as your intent is to inspire, lead, learn or embrace what is being communicated.  

“Her name was Michelle Ducasse and another was a teammate – Dr. Melissa Grill -Peterson. I am not sure who her initial life advice came from, but whoever it was, that impression must have been powerful.  Life is what we make it and we have all the tools to make an incredible impact, if we want to, on those around us and on ourselves.

“One of the most powerful things I ever remember her saying was, ‘do you want to be nice or do you want to be necessary?’. People can smile at you, and you can have a superficial conversation and relationship and it’s nice to see them. But others can impact your life – they actually HEAR you and truly SEE you and all of your imperfections and love and like you anyway.

“This person wants to see you do well – wants to be a part of every part of your life – the good and the bad. This person doesn’t necessarily tell you what you want to hear – they tell you what you need to hear. This person is the one that we all need at least one of in our lives. Which do you want to be? – Be that.

“I am also fortunate to have started working with an extremely physician named Dr. Laura Lile who is full of wisdom and transforms peoples’ lives daily.  I listen to her patients’ stories and how she has changed their lives emotionally, personally and physically.

“She possesses this glow that shows on her face, in her voice and through her actions that positively impacts lives. Her positive and caring nature is real, it’s not something she could have learned in a book – it’s a gift that she was blessed with that she uses daily and shares with those around her.”

What’s your advice or piece of wisdom for staying healthy and balanced when life gets stressful?

Kimberly says: “Another very positive influence in my life is a present co-worker named Kristen.  

“We are polar opposites – I could live off sugar, carbs and caffeine and she is so passionate about eating healthy food and working out. She looks at me with these looks that from most people would come across as judgmental, but from her they are inspiring and impactful and make me want to put down my sweet tea and my muffin in the morning.

“Her willpower and dedication make me stop and ask myself, ‘Do I really need that?’ it’s nice to have that accountability, wisdom and support from a person I can trust. Having her in the back of my mind makes me at least stop and think about what I am eating. As far as stress goes, just breathe… Do your best, always challenge yourself to be your best and simply exhale.”

Is there a beauty product, routine you follow or piece of wisdom that’s been a lifesaver for you?

“I have to take 15 minutes out each night to exhale,” Kimberly explains.  “I run a hot bath and infuse different essential oils and grab a tall glass of ice water and soak the day away. Most often, I incorporate one of my favorite products – Revision Skincares – “Black Mask” for the face (it leaves you with a healthy glow) after using Skin Medica’s AHA/BHA facial cleanser with my Clarisonic skin cleansing brush.

“After that, I try to find videos on Youtube that will make me laugh – or watch videos from the band “ Walk Off The Earth” – they are incredibly talented and creative and I could watch their videos over and over again.

“Or I will dive on the couch with my husband for a little guilty pleasure watching TV. Then I try to get a little exercise  sometimes very little – maybe running up and down the stairs a few times, or by doing planks on the side of the bed so my husband won’t laugh at me) in some way to just make me feel better about the day.”

What does ageing well mean to you and what do you think of the wisdom that comes from tough times?

Kimberly reveals: “Waking up with a smile on my face because I hear the birds singing outside (and it is still dark). Having the energy to play with and keep up with my three grandbabies. Feeling good in the skin I am in. Being able to still laugh at myself and not take myself so seriously. Having the desire to take care of myself from a physical, emotional and mental standpoint, and even though I may have a not so good day I try to learn from it and try harder to make the right healthy choices tomorrow. The wisdom that comes from tough times can be magical.”


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