The women over 50 who are taking over Instagram

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They're over 50 and dispensing style tips, wisdom and plenty of laughter on Instagram every day. We've listed some of our favourite women to follow.

Over fifty and absolutely fabulous! Instagram was once ruled by stylish teens and beauty-savvy twenty-somethings but now there’s an army of women who are over 50, 60 and, in their eighties and nineties, who are dispensing style advice, wisdom and plenty of laughter on a daily basis. We’ve listed some of our current favourites to follow. 


Emma Forbes and Gemma Sheppard aka @thelifestylenewshound 


Gemma Sheppard: 'My Favourite Age Is Now'


This brilliant duo have joined forces to bring us all a fantastic podcast and also dispense wisdom on hitting 50 and over, with gems like: “So often as women we want to have achieved set goals by deadlines. There was a time when we wanted to be where we are now. We forget to enjoy the view out of the window on the journey and to remind ourselves that it’s OK that we’re working on some areas of life. So let’s applaud that we are a masterpiece right now ladies and let’s accept we’re a work in progress too!” – We couldn’t agree more. 


Sarah Jane Adams aka @saramaijewels and @mywrinklesaremystripes



Sarah Jane is a jewellery designer who has been dispensing impeccable style, coupled with laughter and wisdom on Instagram since becoming an overnight sensation when her son-in-law took a few photos of his stylish mother-in-law with a devil may care attitude and sent them to a fashion magazine. She is now working as a fashion model and has been courted by major brands across the globe. 

Her signature hashtag, #MyWrinklesAreMyStripes, is brilliant. “In 2015 I was whisked into a store, where a delightful young lady approached me and put a blob of something onto the back of her hand,” she says. “‘I’m just going to apply this to your eyes’ she told me. ‘It will completely remove all your wrinkles for approximately one week.’ At this point I grab my bag and politely tell her that actually I love my wrinkles and have no desire to get rid of them.” And that’s how #MyWrinklesAreMyStripes was born.

An example quote from her Instagram page is: ”An unfilled, unpulled, uninjected, unpeeled, unaltered, 63 year old female face appearing on your screen is a small act of rebellion. Just saying.”


Jenny Kee aka @jennykeeoz


This 71 year-old Australian knitwear designer and artist sums up how most of her generation feel about life: “We are not going to be little old ladies sitting in a nursing home with blue-rinsed hair,” Jenny says. “Or if we are going to be in a nursing home, we’ll be there with our marijuana, our health foods and our great sense of style.” Her Instagram feed is packed with a colourful stream of images which are guaranteed to chase away the winter blues, as well as giving you some wardrobe inspiration if yours needs freshening up. 


Lyn Slater aka Accidental Icon @iconacidental


Lyn Slater is a professor at the Graduate School of Social Service at Fordham University, with a wardrobe packed with gorgeous couture, plus she works as a model and blogger. Her Instagram account is packed with beautifully styled photos of herself wearing outfits that would give most fashion Editors a serious run for their money. 

“I flaunt it,” she has said. “I’m not 20. I don’t want to be 20, but I’m really freaking cool. That’s what I think about when I’m posting a photo.”

Dorrie Jacobson aka @seniorstylebible


Dorrie Jacobson is an 84-year-old retired Playboy model turned fashion blogger who now lives in Las Vegas. She caused a stir when she posted on her Instagram account in lacy lingerie last year but shrugged it off: “Wear what you like,” she says. “Age-appropriate has nothing to do with it.”


We couldn’t agree more. If you’re looking for more Instagrammers over 50 to follow, we have covered some of our other favourites here and with thousands more to pick from we would love to hear your favourites too! 

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