These 11 foods will help you de-bloat faster than anything else

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If you’re plagued by a bloated tummy you may be able to fix it fast with some of these edible remedies. Eat away unwanted water retention with these 11 tasty foods.

A bloated belly can put a real dampener on your day and leave you looking and feeling blurgh! Whether it’s indigestion, constipation, too much food or stress causing your tummy to feel tight and over-inflated, these foods can help reduce the bloat fast without you having to turn to the medicine cabinet.


Probiotics, such as yoghurt, help maintain balance in your digestive system, which when out of whack can leave you bloated.
Ensure you pick a yoghurt with active cultures and avoid unnecessary sugars by opting for a plain variety.

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Apple cider vinegar

A shot of apple cider vinegar may not sound like the most appealing of drinks, but it helps balance healthy bacteria and ups the stomach acid too. Both of which aid digestion, so either sip it neat or add a tablespoon of it to a glass of water.


Bloating isn’t always related to gas. Sometimes too much sodium is to blame, especially if you’ve been indulging in processed foods. Sodium retains water so to counter its role you want to eat a food high in potassium, like bananas. If you wake up thinking your bloat was the result of a salty dinner the night before pop some banana on your cereal and let it work its magic.


It’s not necessarily the easiest of foods to get your hands on but if you can find one then a papaya can go a long way to leaving you with a flatter stomach. The fruit contains a substance called papain, which works as a lightweight laxative and helps keep your bowels moving. Perfect if you’re a little constipated!


Cucumbers are loaded with water to keep you hydrated and they also help clear gas from your gastrointestinal tract. They contain silicon and sulphur too which are diuretics and help with water retention.


They may be small but kiwis pack a punch on the de-bloating front. They contain an enzyme called actinides which helps speed up digestion. Plus they are a fantastic source of fibre and potassium too.

White beans

The very last food you’re probably thinking about eating is beans when you’re bloated. But white beans are high in potassium to combat high sodium levels, so whipping up a tasty soup or stew containing them could be soothing on your tummy and your tastebuds. Try this divine broccoli and kale soup and add some white beans!


Another probiotic loaded food to add to your de-bloating shopping list is kimchi, which is essentially fermented cabbage. If you’re new to fermented foods though don’t go in heavy handed and introduce it into your diet gradually.


Pineapples are a rich source of the enzyme bromelain which soothes the digestive tract and also supports the digestion of protein. The part with the highest concentration of bromelain is actually the core so to benefit the most make sure your pineapple is lovely and ripe so that the centre is soft.

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Celery root

If water retention is the reason behind your bloating celery root can help due to its diuretic nature, so your water retention may be eased by eating it. Just like other root vegetables celery root works well when roasted or pureed into a soup. Try our simple celery based soup recipe that also clears your skin too.


This fibre packed breakfast is a champion for de-bloating and the great news is you don’t have to only eat it as your first meal of the day. There are actually a plethora of delicious recipes meaning you can eat it for breakfast, lunch and even dinner if you wanted to.

More tips to de-bloat quickly

In addition to switching up your diet there are also other ways you can beat the bloat.

  • avoid fizzy drinks as the gas from the bubbles gets caught in your tummy.
  • eat slowly so that you’re not gulping down loads of air as you eat your dinner. We like mindful eating to help with this.
  • drink more water as – contrary to belief – it won’t make water retention worse, it’ll actually improve it. Staying hydrated will help you avoid constipation.
  • exercise even when you think it’s the last thing you want to do. A bit of cardio will get trapped gas moving. A gentle walk or jog will suffice.

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