These clever products will banish dry winter skin

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Don’t let the chill wreck your complexion this winter. Use these great products to ensure dull, dry skin doesn’t mess with your face.

While we love what the crisp, cold air might do for our festive spirit, there’s no denying the wintery weather can wreak havoc on our skin.

The chilly spell can leave your complexion dry and flaky with the heating keeping it cozy indoors but sadly contributing to dryness too. But there are ways to keep dry skin at bay so you can have a happy, healthy and well nourished complexion during what should be the most wonderful time of the year.

Incorporate these clever products into your beauty regime and it’ll be smooth sailing for your skin this winter. 

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Lumity 4-in-1 Cleanse

For winter you’ll want a cleanser which is particularly hydrating. Certainly steer clear of soaps or products containing harsh chemicals and alcohol which can further dry out your skin. 

So the perfect remedy to clean and plump up your skin is Lumity’s all natural 4-in-1 cleanser. It’s way more than just a cleanser too as it removes makeup, dirt and grime and even acts as a gentle exfoliator and hydrating face mask too.

So it can buff away that dry skin without causing irritation and leave your skin primed to perfection for the next step in your beauty regime. 

Use it day and night to dust away that lack lustre winter complexion and get your skin glowing again.

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Lumity Skin Nutrients Facial Oil

After using your cleanser you should be reaching for your Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil. In fact don’t even wait for your skin to dry fully before you massage it into your face. This way moisture is sealed in and helps keep your skin hydrated.

Many people think moisturiser alone is the key to saving face in the winter months ,but this oil is so nourishing, with it’s specially formulated blend of 32-all-natural ingredients you’ll be wanting to use it all year round. 

It feels so great on your skin it’s also the perfect treat to put on your skin after coming in from the freezing cold due to it’s soothing and hydrating ingredients, including vitamin E.


While Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil is a powerhouse for the skin, if you feel bare without your daily dose of creamy moisturiser then just ensure you opt for a natural product. Avoid fragranced moisturisers because they can lead to skin irritation and don’t forget to moisturise the rest of your body too. Dry, scaly legs don’t bring out the best in that little black dress!


It may not be a beauty product you put on your skin, but a humidifier in the cold winter months can help skin no end. Indoor heating can zap the moisture from the air and leave your skin itchy, tight and dry.

To avoid this invest in a humidifier which will counteract the dry air inside and keep moisture locked into your skin.


Peeking out at those grey clouds and frosty lawns, the sunshine is the last thing you’re probably worrying about. But harsh UV rays are still out to damage your skin even when the sun isn’t out in full force.

Protect your skin with an SPF year-round and if you buy one which includes a hydrating serum you can double up as a moisturiser too. 

Sheet mask

A soothing and moisturising sheet mask at the end of a blustery day will brighten up your face and your mood.

While there seems to be a sheet mask for every skin type, the main purpose remains to hydrate your skin. So it’s fitting that when you’re skin has been bashed by the cold, drying weather, a mask soaked in moisture is the way to go. 

If you’re mood is also taking a battering during the colder weather Lumity has 10 ways you can combat the winter blues and depression and here are three DIY face masks for winter skin too.

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