Thirty, flirty and thriving: How to look after your skin during the best years of your life

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Are you in your 30’s and want to start an effective, anti-ageing skincare routine? Follow these tips and tricks today!
Are you in your 30s and want to start an effective, anti-ageing skincare routine? Follow these tips and tricks today!

Anti-ageing at 30

It’s difficult to know when is the best time to begin your anti-ageing skincare routine, but by the time you reach your 30s, most of us will either have one under way or have been seriously considering specific products to combat fine lines and maintain that healthy, youthful glow. Finding the best anti-ageing skincare to use during your 30s can feel impossible, from potions and gels and oils and moisturisers, it’s hard to know which products are actually going to work. It’s important to remember that anti-ageing skincare doesn’t just come in the form of lotions and make up and smooth, supple skin is actually a result of looking after ourselves on the inside. So, if you are in your 30s and are considering starting to use anti-ageing skincare products or, better still, are considering a change in your anti-ageing routine to something that really works, remember to start with the inside out, and, prepare to glow.

Find an effective facial oil

Although it might seem that heavy moisturisers and thick creams are the best for hydration, there is nothing more effective in achieving supply, glowy skin than a good facial oil. Lightweight and absorbent, an anti-ageing facial oil will lock in moisture deep down, meaning that your skin stays hydrated for longer. The smooth, glide on formula that is present in most facial oils also make it perfect for prepping a soft, primed canvas for foundation, concealer and other make-up. The best face oils for anti-ageing is one that Is a combination of oils and botanicals as no single one can work alone to achieve the same results. 

Keep your diet in check

With healthy skin starting from within, your complexion can be a true tell-tale sign of a poor diet. Although anti-ageing skincare products do help towards a younger appearance, a diet packed full of healthy fats and antioxidants is definitely going to be effective in combatting accelerated ageing. Including things like oily fish, plenty of fruit and vegetables as well as the healthy fats found in nuts and seeds are going to help towards getting those all-important anti-ageing results just as much as any other anti-ageing treatments will. Vitamins for skin in the food we eat can prevent ageing and has even been known to reverse it. So, whilst everything is good in moderation, could your diet be a little more nutritious?

Start to consider supplements

Although it’s important to keep your diet in check, sometimes it can be a struggle to include all of the essential nutrients your body needs for your skin to look its best. Taking supplements is a way of not only ensuring that your skin stays young but also that your body remains healthy as you get older. Lumity’s natural anti-ageing supplementscontain key ingredients that work to totally rejuvenate sallow, dull and tired looking skin and by getting into a routine of taking them in the morning and before you go to bed, you’ll not only see a brighter complexion but feel that much needed day to day energy. Lumity’s morning capsules are formulated with our Vita Complex, designed to protect your body from oxidative stress and give you that little boost you need – even before your morning coffee! When it comes to giving your skin a little TLC after a busy day, our repairing night capsules will then work to keep the skin elastic, radiant and supple using our renew complex. These powerful little capsules will work together to leave you feeling and looking amazing from the inside out. 

Benefits of taking supplements to work alongside a healthy and balanced diet, don’t just stop at youthful skin. Lumity’s supplements also help to promote brain health, hair and nail growth and even a healthy immune system – taking anti-ageing products that extra mile. 

Hydrate and recuperate 

There is one, super simple trick that really is very important when it comes to maintaining skin’s supple elasticity and therefore slowing down accelerated ageing, and that is hydration. The biggest mistake that people with a dry and tired looking complexion make is neglecting their water intake and although scientifically proven anti-ageing products containing a whole host of anti-ageing ingredients will definitely stall the ageing process of your skin, a simple glass (or eight) of water is essential to maintaining optimal skin moisture as well as delivering vital nutrients to our skin cells, which results in a delay of the onset of ageing – all from a simple glass of water! Drinking enough water will also make your skin glow, clearing up any blemishes and smoothing out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. So, when fine tuning your anti-ageing skincare routine – don’t forget to include water!

Although exercise is important not only for our skin but also our overall health, we live in a society that is constantly on the go, whether that is exercising or even work and socialising. When trying to keep up, it can be oh so easy to forget to actually rest and recuperate, which, believe it or not is something that contributes massively to the anti-ageing process. Getting a minimum of seven hours sleep per night (ideally eight) ensures that the body’s hydration is balanced. Not recuperating and balancing sleep with the stresses of everyday life can result in a poor water balance which is the key cause of unwanted signs of ageing such as puffy eye bags, dryness and more wrinkle visibility. So, relax and get some sleep as part of your anti-ageing skincare routine. 

And finally…SPF

Although by the time you reach your 30s you should be more than familiar with applying sunscreen in hot weather, anti-ageing skincare routines in your 30s should also involve wearing an SPF daily, to protect skin from exposure to harmful UV is also easy to confuse premature ageing with signs of sun damage when it comes to the complexion, even more of a reason your collection of anti-ageing products should contain a moisturiser or foundation with an SPF. In your 30s, your skin is starting to show the first signs of ageing and so throwing a daily SPF into the mix can really prevent visible signs of damage which will inevitably begin to show later in life. And you know that they say…prevention is much better than cure. 

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