The ultimate guide to time-saving beauty tips for busy women

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With the pressures of a busy life it can sometimes seem like a small miracle that you even get out of the house on time, let alone with a face of makeup. Top makeup artist Candice Meggan gives us her favourite time-saving beauty tips. 

We know we should be cleansing, toning and moisturising and that perfect brows are ‘a must’ but time for a full on beauty regime on a hectic morning isn’t something many of us are afforded.

No woman likes leaving the house less than her best, but it’s easy to just accept your boring day-in-day out cosmetic routine because work, family and life gets prioritised above what foundation you’re using.

So in a bid to save you busy women time and effort we’ve enlisted the help of makeup artist Candice Meggan to give us some much needed time-saving beauty tips to help you achieve a fresh, fashionable and EASY look when you’ve only got a few crucial minutes to make yourself look great.

Prep the Night Before

“Its important to simplify your routine without losing the effectiveness or benefits,” Candice tells Lumity Life magazine. 

“In the evenings start by using a milky cleanser that hydrates and use it with a facial brush.

“This way you eliminate the double cleanse and exfoliating steps from your routine but are still cleaning your face properly.

“In the mornings I eliminate cleansing altogether and just rinse my face with luke warm water about four to five times. Then I turn on the cold water and splash my face with that.

“I then follow with my toner, lotion, Lumity Facial Oil and moisturiser.”

Moisturise in the Shower

“I have to admit that moisturising my body isn’t always a priority. It often gets left off my to do list purely because I’m always in such a hurry,” says Candice. 

“A great time saver for this is keeping an oil l in the shower.

“When I am finished, whilst my skin is still wet I apply the oil all over my body.

“Then I gently pat myself dry. You can use Lumity Facial Oil all over your body, not just on your face.  

“This step is working double duty as a time saver.

“Not only are you locking in moisture from the shower you’ve just had but you are not walking around in your underwear for 10 minutes or sitting waiting for your moisturiser to absorb before you can put your clothes on.”

Skip the Bronzer, Illuminator AND Foundation

Candice says: “Start with a tinted moisturiser. I recommend going for a shade darker than your usual shade. This way you can skip the bronzer, illuminator and foundation as this product is an all in one and it looks amazing, it’s my must have product when I’m on the go.”

Blush for Cheeks, Lips and Eyes

“Consolidation is key for a simplified routine. So investing in a product like a cream blush is good,” says Candice. “It can be used on cheeks lips and eyes so a quick tap and blend on the cheeks/eyes/lips is literally all you need.”

Smoky Eyes for Day and Night

“If you want a bit of drama on your eyes but don’t have time to do a full smokey version I would recommend waterproof pencils which blend beautifully. They give the eye a smoky effect in a matter of seconds,” says Candice.

“Just draw it along the lash line (top and bottom) and blend it out with your ring finger to give a beautiful undone effect. Then you can top your look off with a sweep of mascara and you are ready to face the day/evening!”

Use Dry Shampoo

Candice says: “If you don’t have time to wash and blow dry your hair in the morning dry shampoo can be a life saver!

“A good one can give you an extra 20 minutes in the morning.

“Squirt some into the palm of your hand and distribute evenly between both hands.

“Then pull your fingers through your roots distributing the foam into the roots of your hair. Now here’s the trick, keep rubbing the product into the roots until its dry about 30 seconds to a minute. Then brush your hair and voila! Fresh hair!”

Candice adds: “If you absolutely have to wash and blow dry your hair then I recommend investing in a good hairdryer. It literally halves drying time and also minimises damage to you your hair.”


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