Tips to easily retrain your body clock when you’re a night owl!

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Retraining your body clock if you’re a night owl is far from impossible. In fact with a few simple tweaks you could shift your bedtime back a couple of hours and we promise you won’t be sorry. 

If you’re a night owl you may think there’s no way you can be anything but, in fact you may not even want to be. But an out of whack body clock can play havoc on your body inside and out and the benefits of regulating your circadian rhythm far outweigh the pros of binging on box sets or working wee into the hours of the morning.  

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So, before you reside yourself to a lifetime of late nights, know that with a few simple tweaks it is in fact possible to retrain your body clock and start reaping the rewards straight away.

You don’t have to take our word for it either. A new study in ‘Sleep Medicine’ suggests very simple adjustments can me made to people’s sleep cycles so they don’t have to resort to medication to improve their body clocks and bring their bedtimes forward. 

The modifications the participants – who typically went to sleep at 2.30am and got up at 10.15am – followed over three weeks were these:

 – Wake up 2-3 hours before normal

 – Eat breakfast very soon after waking

 – Plenty of exposure to natural light in the morning

 – Exercise only in the morning

 – Eat lunch at the same time every day

 – Avoid caffeine after 3pm

 – Don’t nap after 4pm 

 – Eat an early dinner and don’t eat food after 7pm

 – Go to bed 2-3 hours earlier than normal 

 – Limit light exposure in the evenings

 – Keep a consistent sleep and wake up time

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Not only did researchers discover that the participants said they felt less stressed and depressed but they had an increase in cognitive and physical performance in the morning too. Within that time they also successfully moved their body clocks forward two hours. 

Since we know stress is a horror story when it comes to your overall wellbeing, physically and mentally, it’s certainly refreshing to know how resetting a night owl’s circadian rhythm can go a long way to improving that. 

Take Lumity Day and Nightime Supplements 

Our body is primed to be active during the day and then to switch to a rest and repair mode during the night. Although this function is built into our body’s systems it can shift forward and back. Lumity softgel supplements can assist in pressing the reset button.

Lumity is unique in that it is designed to work in harmony with the body’s circadian rhythm. By understanding and tailoring supplementation to the very different needs of each cycle, we can reinforce the healthier functioning and efficiency of our bodies.

Remember to take your three morning capsules when you wake up and your three nighttime ones before bed to better your overall wellbeing from the inside out. 

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Switch off the screens

Blue light from screens can hinder your ability to fall asleep with ease, meaning you fall back on your all important beauty sleep. Turn off phones, TV’s, computers an hour or two before bed and reduce the amount of blue light you are subjected to.

Don’t eat after 8pm

Late night snacking has been shown to not only disrupt your body clock but also lead to weight gain and premature ageing of the skin. Try to have your last meal or snack before 8pm.

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