Tips to prolong your holiday tan

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Returning from holiday with a healthy, sun-kissed tan often helps keep the post vacation blues from setting in. But once it starts to fade so can your enthusiasm for regular life back home. To keep your body bronzed for as long as you can follow these tips for a lasting tan. 

There is no denying that a tan can boost your confidence and also disguise some bits of your body you might not like, so when your holiday colour begins to disappear it can be annoying and disheartening. So to make that tan stick around as long as humanly possible you need to put in some work, before, during and after your sun-soaked getaway.


You cannot get enough of moisturising, before you go, while you are there and definitely when you get home. Because when your skin dries out it starts to peel and flake and then it’s almost impossible to stop.

Lather your entire body in a good moisturiser a few times a day and use Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil on your face and rough patches on your body to ensure you stay hydrated, smooth, nourished and bronzed.


Prepare your skin for some time in the sun – or for a sun-free tan if that’s what you prefer – with regular exfoliation. This removes the dry, dead skin which lingers around making your limbs look dull and lack lustre. 

You might be tempted to stop exfoliating when you have some colour for fear of brushing it away but to keep your skin glowing you still need to get rid of the dead, skin cells. Just ensure your weekly exfoliation is gentle. You could even try dry brushing instead, which can be a little less harsh. 

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Use cool water

A cold shower is a nice thought when you’re in a hot country but it can quite literally bring chills when you return home. But hot baths and showers dehydrate your skin so it’s best to back away from the hot tap if you want to keep your colour. Have short, cool showers instead and ensure you hydrate your body with moisturiser and Lumity’s facial oil straight afterwards.

Wear plenty of sunscreen

Scrimping on sunscreen is not the answer to a lengthy glow. In fact it’s putting you at danger of skin cancer and sunburn. Wearing SPF won’t stop you getting a tan it will just allow you to do it safely and protect you from the harmful UV rays from the sun. You’ll actually be able to spend longer outside without burning and it will give you a healthier, long-lasting tan. 

Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water is essential at any time for your overall health and if we told you it could extend the life of your tan you might be even more tempted to hydrate. You can help prolong the life of cells, including the tanned ones on the surface of your skin by drinking more water.

Staying hydrated will also stop your skin drying out and flaking away.

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Wear white

It’s a bit of a cheat but if your tan is fading and you want to make it look like you’re still bronzed then wearing white is the key. It’ll make your skin look darker, even if it isn’t.

Fake it

Coupled with the above tip, this is a surefire winner. Keep your colour topped up with fake tan when you’re back on home soil. It’s actually easier to apply when you’ve got a tan already and won’t be such a stark shock as when you go from pale to sun-kissed overnight.

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