6 best beauty changes to make in your 60s

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Top 6 beauty changes to make I your 60's

If you’re waving goodbye to your 50s and leaping into an exciting new decade, why not decide to make the absolute best of yourself by making these simple changes to your beauty routine.

To remain timeless your beauty regime needs to evolve and adapt to the changes in your body. By adopting these simple tips you can help age-proof your body, hair and skin and stay as youthful looking as possible.

1. Redefine your eyebrows

As you age your eyebrows naturally become sparser, but since they frame your face you can easily redefine them. If you pick a brow pencil that’s slightly lighter than your hair colour and softly fill them in you’ll create the illusion of thicker eyebrows. You could even take a page out of Dame Helen Mirren’s beauty book and go for professional microblading.

2. Plump up your lips

Regain the volume in your pout with a little lip liner. You may have been using the same shade of lipstick for years and that’s ok, but if you haven’t got a matching lip liner it’s well worth considering buying one. Fill your lips with the pencil first, then applying your lipstick, before lining the lips again. Makeup expert Candice Meggan also says avoid wearing too dark lipstick as it will age you. “Use a shade of lipstick that is one – or at the very most two – shades darker than your natural lip colour,” she says. “Also highlight the middle of your lips using a lighter shade of lipstick or a highlighting powder/cream you’ll give them a fuller effect.”

3. Use an oil on your skin

The pot of cream that you’ve sworn by for decades might not be as effective as it once was. Your skin naturally becomes much dryer with age and so it’s imperative to add more moisture to keep it radiant and smooth. You may think using an oil and a moisturiser will make your skin greasy but you’d be amazed how quickly it’ll be absorbed and the difference it will make to those fine lines and wrinkles too. Lumity Facial Oil is made up of 32 all natural ingredients and is a real treat if used while doing the incredible facial massage which was developed by A-list facialist Nichola Joss. 

4. Keep grey hair healthy

If you’ve chosen to embrace your grey or white hair it doesn’t mean your locks are now maintenance free. A purple shampoo will help neutralise any yellow tones and keep your hair looking healthy.

It might also be worth investing in an oil for your hair, because just like your skin, your locks dry out as the years fly by. Applying a light oil to the ends and on any flyaway hairs will help to lock moisture in.

5. Pick a quality supplement

As well eating a healthy diet which is packed with lots of colourful vegetables, it’s worth investing in a high quality daily supplement to ensure that your body is getting all that it needs. If you haven’t already, consider trying a yoga or Pilates class which will help ensure that you’re relaxed and carefree. 

6. Pack away your powder

Wrinkles are a badge of honour but heavy foundation or powder tends to settle into any creases which can be really unflattering. If you are using a face powder to get rid of shine then try using a blotting powder or sponge instead. Candice suggests suggests Blotterazzi by Beauty Blender. “It removes the shine without removing your makeup and it fits perfectly into your makeup bag,” she says.

As for cover up, try opting for a lighter, hydrating tinted moisturiser rather than a thick foundation.

Going make-up free as often as you can allows your skin to breathe.



Don’t forget about the rest of your body too! To improve circulation and banish dry skin, follow our guide to dry brushing and here’s some tips to look after your hands too.

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