Trinny Woodall: ‘I’m so much more confident and happy now I’m older’

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Trinny Woodhall on being happier and healthier over 50

Trinny Woodhall’s sharp-tongued style advice to women on ‘What Not to Wear’ made her a household name, and now along with running her own beauty line TRINNY London she’s keeping her thousands of Instagram followers entertained with her no-nonsense musings on beauty, style and getting better as you age. 

Looking at her you wouldn’t think Trinny Woodall is in her mid-fifties. The style guru looks as chic and fabulous as ever and she feels it too. Despite a few curveballs – including divorce and early menopause – in recent years the brutally honest TV personality and entrepreneur is embracing her life, her age and even her cellulite and believes she’s never felt more confident than she does now.


“I’m now a size 12 and I used to be a size 8.”

For two decades 5ft 10 Trinny weighed just under 9 stone, now she’s two stone heavier and a lot saner and healthier for it.

“I haven’t weighed myself for about three years,” she admitted. “I really don’t give a sh*t now. I only care if I have to go up yet another size in trousers. I’m now a size 12 and I used to be a size 8 – I was really thin – but my schedule was mental and totally erratic at the time.”

While she’s not super strict with her diet, Trinny – who launched her ultra convenient, stackable and multi-use beauty range Trinny London last year – now knows what works and what doesn’t for her body.

“I’m trying to avoid dairy as I suffer from bad bloating, so in the morning I’ll usually have porridge with oat milk. I have nuts on it, seeds and berries with maple syrup plus a green tea. At about 11am I’ll have a cappuccino and oat cakes with butter and jam. I just need that sweet hit.

“For lunch generally if I’m going out, I’ll go to the Italian restaurant opposite my office and have the same every time – minestrone soup with chicken paillard, zucchini and spinach. If I have lunch at home I’ll have avocado on toast.”

“I’ve had a lot of problems with my gut.”

Although she’s on the right track now Trinny admitted she was eating very unhealthily until recently.

She credits Danielle Shine from Chef Shine for easing her gut issues.

“She got me to send a list of everything I ate. Rather than saying ‘You have to cut out this or that’ she sent me a list of healthy substitutes. For example I love salted caramel chocolate but she got me onto Halo salted caramel raw chocolate instead, which is the most delicious stuff I’ve ever tasted, and she made me have healthier peanut butter (I literally have half a jar of peanut butter a day).

“I take many digestive enzymes for my gut, and I take a high dose of biotin for my hair every day which I think makes a difference – I think my hair is much thicker now.

“Then in the afternoon I may snack on peanut butter with an apple and in the evening I may have something like pesto pasta. I don’t drink but when I go out I have pudding instead.”

“I started going through the menopause at 45.”

Trinny has been open about her struggles with early menopause and says that she felt insecure, lethargic and lost her positivity. When it began she had just separated from her husband Johnny Elichaoff, who tragically died five years later, and she said she was “in a dodgy place” in her life.

“I couldn’t work out whether these feelings of being down were life or the menopause. I then asked a friend in New York for their recommendations and they suggested Dr. Erika Schwartz who I went to see. She gave me a whole day of tests on my memory, my skin density, the way I reacted to things, my bloods etc.

“It was brilliant because she told me that 80% of my symptoms I could label as the menopause. I could then deal with the other 20% as I felt there was now a solution. She also told me to take magnesium which I still take loads of at night.”

“Body-wise I also feel very comfortable in how I look.”

Despite gaining two stone during the menopause Trinny has no plans to try and shed it.

“I’m so much more confident and happy in myself now I’m older. I think because I’m more sure of myself. I now have a sense of where I want to get to and from past experiences I’ve also got a better sense of what’s going to work and what isn’t. Body-wise I also feel very comfortable in how I look. Sometimes I think I look super tired and I’m definitely getting older, but generally I look in the mirror and don’t feel ‘ugh’ too often. When I was in my 20s I just felt I was full of acne.

“When I was younger I was also always obsessed about not showing my legs (now I really have a reason not to as I haven’t exercised at all – I’m very cellulite-y), but I was over-aware in my youth.”

“Keep showing yourself off, as there’ll be a time when you really can’t any more.”

Trinny knows how to dress to make the most of her body and she insists if you’ve got it you should flaunt it.

“This was great advice given to me once – to show off the good bits while you can.”

And she is a strong believer in “sometimes I feel it’s best to cover certain bits in order to look younger.”

How does she do this?

“It’s a case of knowing what suits you. I wear sequins a lot because they reflect on my face and make me look brighter, but if I wear black it really drains me. I have also put on two stone but I layer my clothes so you won’t see the bits I don’t want you to see!”

Trinny recently reviewed Lumity Facial Oil during one of her entertaining Instagram Live videos from the comfort of her bathroom. Here’s what she had to say.


“When I run on empty it shows on my face,” she said before starting a facial massage using Lumity Facial Oil.

She loved the texture and the fact it has a sunflower oil base.

“They’ve used that because it’s rich in magnesium, it has got vitamin B6 in it and they feel it’s going to even out your skin tone,” she said to the camera. 

The green coffee seed oil it contains got her seal of approval too.

One of Trinny’s favourite ingredients is manuka, so she was thrilled to discover Lumity Facial Oil contains that too.

“You know how much I love manuka,” she said. Although the scent of lemon and sunflower left her unable to smell the manuka she recognised it was there.

Her verdict: “This really should be the miracle oil. It’s the oil I should use to get a result above and beyond any.”

Watch what else Trinny had to say in the video below. Don’t forget to visit her website and take a look at her genius stackable beauty range. 


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