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If the new year has kickstarted the desire to overhaul your health, then you’ll be over the moon to learn you can make life-altering changes in just 30 days. 

This month millions of people will be putting down the bottle and going dry for January. In an effort to cleanse their body after too much festive indulgence, quitting alcohol is often the first port of call for people looking to improve their health. 

But if you want to do more for your body, both inside and out, there are a multitude of small changes you could adopt which will leave you fitter, healthier and happier come the end of January. 

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Edit your diet 

Rather than diving head first into a diet which leaves you feeling deprived, look to edit your diet instead. A healthy, balanced diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and fish can not only be delicious but great for your body. 

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If you know you need to completely overhaul your food choices, that can be overwhelming but making small changes throughout the month will leave you in a much healthier place and you can then carry on building on this.

Cut out processed food

Processed foods are loaded with refined sugars and a ton of ingredients which lead to weight gain, unhealthy insides and bad skin too. Vowing to eat as much fresh food as possible and leaving alone the food whose ingredients you don’t even recognise, will work wonders for you. 


A busy schedule can often mean exercise goes to the wayside so if lack of time is the culprit behind your inactivity, make it your mission to squeeze in just 20 minutes of exercise a day – every day for the month of January. 

Whether it’s a brisk walk, an online yoga routine or an active HIIT session, make it your mission to move more. Chances are that by the end of your challenge you won’t want to stop and exercise will have become a habitual part of your daily routine. 

Sleep more

Sleep deprivation isn’t just annoying, it’s seriously detrimental to your health. If you’re regularly getting less than seven hours of sleep a night or you’re waking up in the middle of the night unable to drift back off then it’s time to address the situation. Lack of sleep can lead to weight gain, cardiovascular issues and can even make you age faster. 

If you need help getting your sleep in check then Dr. Neil Stanley, author of ‘How to Sleep Well’ spoke with Lumity and gave some great expert advice. 

The benefits of quitting alcohol

Just 30 days free from alcohol can have a hugely positive impact on your mental and physical health. Here are just some of the things you’ll notice:

 – increased energy

 – more productive

 – better focus

 – less stress

 – elevated mood

 – weight loss

 – improved sleep

 – clearer skin

Give your wellness an extra boost with these tips from yoga star Gloria Latham and see what this pilates guru says it’s the key to good health.

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