Victoria Beckham’s £10 Beauty Secret Revealed!

-Sep 20, SARA PALMER HUSSEY, Beauty -

Have you ever wondered what are the beauty essentials that Victoria Beckham keeps to hand as she powers her way through the notoriously-exhausting global fashion month? (It’s London Fashion Week at the moment, and New York Fashion Week started ten days ago).


The 42-year-old British fashion designer, who is a mum of four, opened up the contents of her black leather handbag for Vogue last week and didn’t disappoint when it came to giving us all a glimpse of her life and what helps her keep looking fabulous as she exists on roughly four hours sleep a night and near-permanent jet-lag.


Victoria revealed that she’s a positive thinker, who has no time for anything negative at all, and that she believes in the power of manifestation (which is basically where you think about what you want, not what you don’t want). As evidence of this she whipped out a black obsidian crystal skull, which she keeps in her handbag at all times and said that everyone who works for her has one too as she gave each of them one as a gift.


The star has said in the past that she became a devotee of crystals when she first moved to Los Angeles and she uses pink quartz and black tourmaline backstage at every single one of her fashion shows, as well as keeping them in her bathroom at home to dispel negative energy.


She said: “If I told you my backstage rituals, and was honest you would think I was a little weird. I carry my crystals with me which some people might think as odd but it works for us.”







But that’s not all.


Victoria admitted that with four kids and a fashion empire to run she never gets enough sleep, so she carries Japanese eye drops called Nano Eye with her, which she says makes the whites of her eyes really white with no redness whatsoever even when she’s exhausted – which she admits is most of the time. You can pick up Nano Eye drops on eBay for under £10 ($15).


Victoria’s perfume at the moment is a fash pack favourite: she uses Byredo ‘Blanche’ perfume oil — which is £47 ($68) for 7.5ml. And, she carries several moisturisers with her, Estee Lauder’s Re-Nutriv for her hands. For her body she uses Kiehl’s creme de corps, which is a super-rich cream, enriched with shea butter and avocado oil, that is beloved of Victoria’s Secret models, and on her face she uses her own own Estee Lauder Morning Aura Illuminating crème as well as Sarah Chapman’s dynamic defence anti- ageing day cream.


As well as all of that, which is crammed into a half moon box bag from her own pre-Spring/ Summer 2017 collection, Victoria also has a pair of her own brand visor shades, plus two books – one for daughter Harper and a copy of My Name Is Lucy Barton, by Pulitzer-prize winning author Elizabeth Strout.


No superstar’s handbag is complete without an American Express Centurion card – the laser-etched card is made from titanium, and has no spending limit – apparently.


And, she has a black iPhone case from HB London which is monogrammed with her initials (but of course). “I always have my phone, everywhere I go, it never leaves my side,” says Victoria, flashing her iPhone 6S. (It also starred in her brilliant five-minute make-up routine video ).


Watch Victoria show off the contents of her handbag below and let us know what your favourite beauty essentials in your handbag are in the comments…


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