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Waking up feeling sluggish can put a dampener on your entire day and if it’s a regular occurrence you likely dread mornings. But if you want to hit the day running and wake up with more energy there are ways to do it without turning to caffeine. 

For many of us waking up bright eyed and bushy tailed is something that only happens in fairytales. Rather than leaping out of bed with a spritely stretch and smile, you may find you’re more inclined to disappear back under the covers and wish for more sleep. 

But if this is you, don’t despair because an energy fuelled AM is within your grasp.

Wake up naturally

Waking up to the incessant beep of a too loud alarm clock isn’t going to start you off in the right way. In fact being woken with a sense of panic will use up cortisol, the hormone which is released throughout the day to give you energy. 

Not only that but waking up stressed and rushed will worsen your mood and turn you sour for the rest of the day. 

While waking up naturally may take a bit of time to master, in the meantime set up a soothing or happy wake up call. 

Whether it’s the sound of nature to ease you into the day or there is a song which instantly lifts your mood, replace the foghorn alarm clock with that. 

Don’t hit snooze

Avoid sleep inertia and half a day of grogginess by resisting the snooze button. It often seems like a good idea to sneak in an extra ten minutes of rest when you’re still feeling sleepy, but it will make you feel so much more fatigued once you finally roll out of bed. 


Carve out just 10-minutes in the morning to stretch, do a bit of yoga, dance around the bedroom or complete a quick HIIT workout. 

Exercise releases the feel good endorphins and getting the blood pumping will not only make you feel happier it’ll give you more energy for the day ahead.

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Make it part of your morning routine and before long it won’t feel like a chore, it’ll be as habitual as brushing your teeth. 

Eat protein

A protein packed breakfast will set you up for a far less fatigued day. Protein gets converted into dopamine which energises you.

Rather than reaching for your go-to, white bagel or piece of toast which can be loaded with refined sugar which are just a quick high, opt for eggs, some poultry or beans. There are so many tasty, protein rich breakfast options which aren’t processed and will keep you full and energised for longer than a fast food quick fix. 

Sleep well 

It makes sense that if you’ve slept well, you’re more likely to feel well rested and energetic in the AM. But this can’t happen if your nighttime habits are causing you to get less than the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep. 

Making a calming bedtime routine – which doesn’t involve binging on box sets until the early hours of the morning – will slowly start to help make this happen. 

Set a regular time to hit the hay and ensure you’re not sitting in front of a screen, whether it’s a phone, laptop or tablet, within the hour or two before you plan to go to sleep. 

Ensure your bedroom is cozy, dark and relaxing and consider learning some breathing techniques or meditation too. 

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Don’t eat after 8pm

What you eat the night before can hugely impact the way you sleep. Your body should be resting and repairing at night, not trying to digest the packet of biscuits you ate at 10pm. 

Try to overcome those nighttime food cravings and avoid food after 8pm. Grab a good book as a diversion from the fridge and drink some herbal or flavoured tea instead of fuelling up on snacks. 

You’re more likely to wake up ready for a healthy, hearty and energy fuelled breakfast if you’ve not gorged the night before. 

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