Ways to reduce the stress of your morning beauty regime but still look great

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There are ways you can look your best on the outside without feeling like you’re having a meltdown on the inside. We take a look.
You might like to leave the house looking put together in the morning but you likely don’t enjoy the stress that comes with your morning beauty routine. Whether your all important primping takes 15-minutes, half an hour or more there are ways you can look your best on the outside without feeling like you’re having a meltdown on the inside. We take a look.

If we could wake up with our hair done, sporting healthy skin and our makeup pristine our mood would likely be better, our stress levels a little lower and our day would get off to a calmer start. 

But the the reality is that’s not going to happen. There are however some ways you can improve your routine without having to sacrifice a shower, your skincare or your sanity.

Downsize Your Skincare 

You can downsize your eight step skincare regime by adding Lumity Skin Nutrients Facial Oil to the mix. Not only is the light weight oil packed with 32 all-natural ingredients which work together to keep your skin looking and feeling it’s best but it can eliminate the need for a moisturiser too. 

Plus if you use A-list facialist Nichola Joss’ massage to blend it into your skin you’ll instantly feel a little calmer. 

Blow-dry the Night Before

Choosing between a full face of makeup or perfectly tousled tresses can be frustrating. Remove the concern of having to pick one or the other by blow-drying your hair the night before. You hair might be a little ‘bed head’ when you wake but it takes a lot less time to tidy up your locks than it does to start completely from scratch. 

If you do wake up with a flat do, you can instantly add volume and a fresh fragrance to your tresses with a dry shampoo.

Take Lumity Day and Night Supplements 

Everyone looks and feels better when they’ve had a good night’s sleep and taking Lumity’s flagship Day and Night Supplements can help this. Once you get into the habit of taking your three nighttime capsules you’ll be on your way to a more refreshing and rejuvenating sleep meaning you reduce the stress of looking in the mirror in the morning and seeing a reflection with under eye bags and dry skin. And of course taking your three daytime capsules when you wake up can keep you looking and feeling fresh as well as helping your mood, due to the sunshine nutrient vitamin D and extract of nature’s anti-depressant curcumin.

Use Multi-Tasking Products

This step isn’t just about cutting the time of your routine it’s about not overloading your skin which can cause pimple related stress. 

For example Lumity Skin Nutrients Facial Oil balances and hydrates your skin meaning you don’t have to apply more serums and moisturisers. It can even help give you that dewy complexion you’ve been after when you mix a drop with your foundation.

Other multi-tasking products include a little lipstick or stain for your cheeks or using some concealers as primers too.

Wash Your Face the Night Before

Do not go to bed with a dirty face or one covered in makeup, no matter how tired you are. Waking up to a spotty complexion and smudged eye makeup it isn’t good for your morning moral or your overall skincare. Even if makeup free isn’t your ideal look, knowing that your skin is still glowing can make you feel good about yourself and put a smile on your face too before you start your routine.

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