Ways your beauty routine can reduce stress

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Stress might be beauty’s biggest enemy but your beauty routine can actually help relieve it.

When you’re stressed your skin pays the price. Cortisol – the stress hormone – can cause breakouts, oily, dry or wrinkled skin and make you look and feel far from your best.

But if stress is an issue for you then know that your skincare and beauty regime could give your mood a boost and reduce your stress levels.

Massage away the stress

Remove stress and tension from the muscles in your face with a facial massage. A-list facialist Nichola Joss encourages using Lumity Nutrients Facial Oil and her special DIY massage technique to destress and keep skin looking youthful. 

Feel nourished, feel less stressed 

Just as you feel better when you eat a healthy, home-cooked meal rather than a greasy takeaway you’ll pep up your complexion and your mood by nourishing your skin and your body.

Make good sleep a priority

A good night’s sleep works wonders for your mood and your appearance, but it’s not always that easy to catch those all important eight hours each night, especially if you’re lying away worrying or stressed! Our favourite tip is to harness the body’s circadian rhythm so you sleep well at night and have more energy and vitality in the day. 

How to dry brush your skin and improve circulation

This form of exfoliation doesn’t just get rid of dry skin, it improves circulation and lymphatic flow which in turn can help banish bloating and cellulite – which are certainly two less things to stress about. Climb into the shower and before you put the water on take a couple of minutes to use long, gentle brush strokes towards the heart, moving from your feet put to your chest. Make this part of your daily beauty regime and you’ll be on your way to smooth

Take control of your stress with me-time

When you’re feeling in turmoil you generally don’t feel as if you’re in control, but having a skincare routine you can rely on is something you can take the reigns on. Make those minutes of beautification ‘me-time’ and know that you are in the drivers seat when it comes to your daily appearance.

Relax with a long bath

A bath doesn’t just have to be about getting clean. Use that time in the tub to shut your eyes, take some deep relaxing breaths and escape from the chaos of your busy life for a while. Add some stress relieving essential oils to your bath water for extra relaxation. 

Why being bold with your look can work wonders for how you feel  

A bit of self-esteem can go a long way. Whether it’s a bright red top that makes you feel empowered or a fresh manicure with a bright nail polish that makes you smile, don’t be afraid to use it. If there are products you use which make you feel uplifted they don’t have to be saved for the weekend.

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