Your hour-by-hour daily wellness routine

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Your daily schedule for living your day in the healthiest way possible, from morning until night

We’ve all heard the expression ‘humans are creatures of habit’ and that’s true when it comes to creating a daily routine for ourselves. Regular exercise, eight hours sleep a night, a set wake up time and rigid meal times are known to help our bodies and minds function properly.

On top of our basic needs, it’s also important to schedule in some other daily routines, such as the all-important me-time which often gets overlooked. We’ve created this this hour-by-hour wellness diary to help inspire your own daily schedule.

7am – Wake up!

It’s crucial for your mind and body to get between 7-9 hours sleep a night to function healthily. Going to bed at 11pm and waking at 7am is the perfect rest period. Try to drink a glass of water when you wake up to hydrate your body after sleeping. The NHS recommends people drink 6-8 glasses a day to prevent dehydration.

7.15am – Take your morning Lumity supplement

These three capsules are formulated with the Vita Complex and contain Vitamins C and E, Selenium and Zinc to protect the body on a cellular level against stress. It’s a great way to get your day off the best start.

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7.30am – Breakfast

Did you know that people who regularly eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight? It’s an essential meal, which gives you energy for the morning ahead. Eat a wholegrain low-sugar cereal with fruit and milk or yoghurt, or go for an egg and wholemeal bread. A vitamin-packed smoothie is a healthy option too – keep some berries in the freezer and try adding some oats for extra power.

8am – Make a to-do list

There’s something so wonderful about making a list. Get all those whirling thoughts and jobs down onto paper and list in order of priority. What is urgent? What can be done this evening? And what can wait until tomorrow? Tick off as you go along.

During the day – Fit in some exercise

Find time during your day for 20-30 minutes of exercise. The NHS recommends we do 150 minutes of moderate fitness a week, so divide that up to suit you. The 150 minutes needs to include cardio, so cycling, water aerobics or brisk walking. We also need to do strength exercises twice a week, such as weights, yoga or pilates.

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10am – Grab a healthy snack

It can be hard to make it to lunchtime without an energy- boosting snack. The Associations of UK Dietitians says if you choose your snacks carefully, they can be a healthy part of your diet. Try carrot sticks with hummus, a slice of toast with banana and honey, a handful of nuts or a boiled egg. Keep your fluids up Remember to take a bottle of water with you on your daily errands or to the office to stay hydrated.

12 noon – Lunch

Either pack yourself a healthy lunch containing a mixture of carbohydrates, protein, vegetables and fruit or buy the equivalent. As a guide, starchy foods like potatoes or brown rice should make up just over a third of a meal. Ensure you choose lean cuts of meat and aim to eat fish at least twice a week.

4pm – Afternoon snack

Follow the same advice for your morning snack to keep you going until dinner. A little planning avoids that afternoon slump when you’re more likely to reach for slice of cake or some biscuits.

6-8pm – Dinner

After a busy day, take time to enjoy your evening meal without rushing. A recent study in the BMJ Open found that people who eat slowly weigh less – in fact, slowing down your eating speed can actually help you lose weight. It’s also best to eat supper earlier in the evening, to give your body time to digest your meal properly and encourage unbroken sleep.

8-10pm – Me time

Don’t forget to take time out for yourself; it’s so important for mental wellbeing and avoiding stress. Do something that relaxes you, be it practicing meditation or mindfulness, reading a book, taking a bath or watching a movie. Catch up with your to-do list and see what you’ve achieved. Empty your mind before bedtime and note down any jobs for the following day.

10pm – Turn off all devices

This is a tricky one but so important for a good night’s sleep. Tablets, TVs and phones can interfere with your internal body clock if used right before bed, due to their blue light. They stop the release of melatonin which tells our bodies to go to sleep. Avoid this problem by having at least one hour device-free time before bed.

10.15pm – Take your night time Lumity supplement

It’s Lumity time! Remember to take your three capsules before bed to maintain great-looking skin with the supplements’ Renew Complex. The evening dose is high in Omega 3s and amino acids for supple and radiant skin.

10.30-11pm – Go to bed

And the day is done. Unwind in a dark and peaceful room, free from technology.

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