What giving up alcohol can do for your skin this summer

-Jun 19, Jenny Paul , Beauty -

If you’ve been sipping wine each night to get you through the long months we’ve all spent in self-isolation the simple act of cutting back or cutting out alcohol entirely can work absolute wonders when it comes to your skin health.

We often worry what the over indulgence will do for our waistline but what about your skin? As much as you may not want to hear it, alcohol does absolutely nothing positive for our complexion. In fact if you gave it up you can expect amazing things to happen to your skin.

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Fewer wrinkles

Alcohol dehydrates both you and your skin and since dry skin is way more prone to wrinkles it makes sense that if you quit drinking your skin can retain it’s moisture better and your plumped up skin cells will make for a smoother complexion.

Reduced under eye bags and dark circles

Because alcohol drains your skin of water the vessels under the eyes become more visible and dark circles appear. You’ll notice many people who drink heavily have sagging skin and heavy eyelids and under eye bags. Even a night or two of a few too many drinks can leave you noticeably more puffy the next morning.
Cut back or quit and your eyes will be brighter and the skin around them tighter too.

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Glowing skin

Dry, flaky skin is lackluster and can look grey and old. Quit the bottle and it won’t be long before you start seeing your natural glow reappear. Your skin will become hydrated again and with a good skincare regime, which includes exfoliation you’ll be amazed that your skin literally looks like it’s coming back to life.

Reduced redness

If you’ve ever noticed that you get flushed skin when you drink, that’s because alcohol inflames tissue. It’s ok once in a while but if you persistently drink the redness can become permanent. So by swapping out your alcoholic beverage for a more healthy option will see your skin regain its natural glow and bid red, flushed skin goodbye.

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Tighter skin

Loss of elasticity is a side effect of drinking too much and this of course means saggier skin, which is ageing. Not to mention the sugar in alcohol can damage DNA and collagen which keeps skin supple and elastic. When you stop consuming alcohol you won’t notice a result overnight but in time and with a healthier overall lifestyle you will see improved, tighter skin, less saggy around the jawline and jowls too.

If you’re looking for other ways to improve your skin then you might want to reconsider your late night snacking habit and discover the foods you could eat to look and feel more youthful too.

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