What is brown noise and how can it help you sleep?

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We know white noise can aid a good night’s sleep, but did you know that brown noise is a thing too?  It’s fast becoming as popular, if not more so than its better known competitor and so Lumity wanted to find out more about this so-called sleep inducing magic. 

Whether you can’t sleep because of your partner’s snoring or it’s the deathly silence which keeps you awake, you’ve likely tried using white noise to drown it out or to add a calming atmosphere. 

White noise is basically a mix of all the different frequencies of sound played at the same time and at equal strength. The result is a sound which is able to mask disruptive and loud noises.

It’s also great for light sleepers who are likely to get jolted awake by sudden sounds because the white noise will dull the likes of car horns or dog barking down. 

Since that all sounds great, why would you want to switch to brown noise or add it to your nightly list of sleep friendly sounds?

What is brown noise?

When you first hear brown noise you may insist it’s the same as white noise – and pink and blue for that matter. But then nowadays everything from the noise of the vacuum cleaner to the whir of the hair dryer has been thrust under the white noise umbrella. 

In actual fact every colour-coded sound has its own frequency. 

So brown noise is a much lower tone and may sound similar to a raging river or roaring sea, where as the closest thing to true white noise is static from the TV or radio.

Brown noise essentially has more bass to it making it a little nicer to listen to. 

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Does brown noise work?

We know it is supposedly more appealing to our ears, but does brown noise work as well as white noise when it comes to helping us go to sleep and stay sleep? 

Both brown and white noise have been shown to help people fall asleep, but there’s no research to prove one is better than the other. It’s really just what you prefer.

By playing around with your sleep sound machine or app you can discover which cocktail works for you. If you consistently fall asleep with one particular sound you’re on to a winner. 

Just remember you don’t want to become entirely dependent on your white or brown noise.

If you’re finding you NEED it all the time, take the opportunity to have a break from your sound machine. 

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Pink noise

If brown noise has piqued your interest in sounds to help you sleep you might also like to know what pink noise is too.

Pink noise is bowling people over with it’s sweet sounds and research has actually shown it increases the amount of time spent in deep sleep and helps memory as well.

Pink noise has a mixture of low and high frequencies and offers calming sounds such as rain fall or ocean waves. Because of it’s strong base sounds it’s not so harsh on the human ear. 

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