What is sallow skin and how can I correct it?

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If your skin is grey, yellow and has lost its glow, don't despair. There are plenty of ways to improve your skin if you embrace a healthy beauty regime
You’ve heard of dry skin, oily skin, saggy skin and wrinkles but what about sallow skin?

If you’re skin is looking dull, you’ve lost your glow and it’s actually, well, a little bit yellow, then there’s a strong chance you’re suffering from sallow skin.

While you’ll be pleased to know the condition isn’t actually a direct result of ageing, if you’ve got it you’re likely wondering how you can correct it.

What is sallow skin?

Sallow skin is when you’re skin loses its natural complexion. Instead of having a warm glow it looks more yellow, brown or grey. 

What causes sallow skin?

It’s more about lifestyle than ageing when it comes to the causes of sallow skin, which is great news because it’s all down to things you can change. But if you’re partial to a cigarette, have an unhealthy diet and sit up all night watching box sets you’ll need to make some big alterations if you want your complexion to improve.

Cause no. 1: Smoking

It’s no secret that nicotine causes blood vessels in the skin to narrow. If the blood can’t get around properly then the oxygen and nutrients can’t either. This leaves your skin looking pretty empty and tired.

Remedy: The fact of the matter is if you want your skin condition to improve you need to stop smoking – or at the very least cut down.

Cause no. 2: Lack of Sleep

There is a reason it’s called beauty sleep. A good night’s sleep is imperative for good skin. The stress of regularly having disrupted sleep increases the number of inflammatory cells in the body. This causes collagen and hyaluronic acid to break down and essentially make our skin lose it’s glow.

Lack of sleep also means our skin can become dry and cells are not repaired so the daily damage can’t be reversed.

Remedy: There are many ways you can improve the quality of your sleep from turning off electric devices an hour before bed, to resetting your circadian clock and avoiding alcohol too. Did you know a facial massage using Lumity Skin Nutrients Facial Oil could also help you drift off to sleep?

A-list facialist Nichola Joss showed us how

Cause no. 3: Stress

To say stress is written all over someone’s face is pretty accurate, but we’re not just talking about a worried expression. When you suffer from chronic stress your body produces more of the hormone cortisol. This can lead to high blood pressure, weight gain, breakouts and sallow skin. 

Remedy: Try using some of Dr. Rangan Chatterjee’s tips for reducing stress including meditation, exercise, me-time and making a schedule. 

Cause no. 4: Vitamin Deficiency

If you’re not eating a balanced diet your skin pays the price. The right vitamins are imperative to keeping skin looking glowing.

Remedy: Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet and cut out processed foods. In addition start taking a quality supplement like Lumity’s triple award-winning day and night supplements. They are  packed with a wealth of skin healing, all natural ingredients including vitamin A, C and E.

As well as change your lifestyle you can adopt a skincare routine using Lumity Skin Nutrients Facial Oil to help combat sallow skin.

A facial massage isn’t just great for plumping up the skin and regenerating its youthfulness, it’s also fantastic for sending you off to sleep.
A facial massage isn’t just great for plumping up the skin and regenerating its youthfulness, it’s also fantastic for sending you off to sleep.

The 32-ingredient botanical oil has been shown to improve hydration, radiance, elasticity and firmness.

If you enjoyed this article you might like to discover more about the science behind Lumity Facial Oil and follow these tips to remembering to take your supplements too.

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