What you can and can’t eat on the Pegan Diet?

-Mar 12, Hannah Hargrave, Nutrition -

If you've heard of the pagan diet and are wondering what it is, we've taken a closer look at this new trend that's a cross between vegan and paleo

First there was vegan, then there was paleo and now there’s pegan. The latest diet trend is picking up steam but what is it and more importantly what can you and can’t you eat when you’re on it?

The pegan diet is – as its name suggests – a cross between vegan and paleo but you need to know what both are to be able to get to grips with this new food frenzy.

Eating vegan means cutting out all animal products while a paleo diet pretty much means eating like a caveman so how can a pegan diet work?

Pegan works by taking principles from both popular diets. Veganism doesn’t allow any animal products or byproducts meaning, no dairy, meat, fish, poultry and honey, while plant-based food is in welcomed in abundance.

Paleo on the other hand encourages food that was only available in the Paleolithic era. Say hello to fruits, vegetables, fish, lots of meat and nuts, but wave goodbye to sugar, legumes, grains, dairy alcohol, coffee and salt too. 

What the pegan diet does is focus on real, whole and unprocessed foods just like the two contradicting diets do but make less restrictive than either diet on it’s own. It is in essence just a healthy eating plan.

Here’s what you can eat on the pegan diet

Meat: You can eat meat but it’s just recommended that you stick to grass-fed pork, beef and chicken. 

Fish: Low mercury fish such as sardines, anchovies, salmon and mackerel can be consumed.

Vegetables: These make up the bulk of the diet with meat being more of a side dish than the main show. Vegetables which are favoured are of the low glycemic variety. Artichokes, broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus are just some of the many veggies allowed.

Nuts: Most nuts, including walnuts and almonds with the exception of peanuts can be eaten on the pegan diet.

Seeds: Pack your diet with flax, pumpkin and chia seeds for a health kick.

Eggs: On the pegan diet you’re actively encouraged to eat protein packed eggs.

Oils: Not all oils are allowed but heart healthy varieties like avocado and olive oil are. 

Here’s what you can’t eat on the pegan diet

Sugar: Cut out the sweet stuff on the pegan diet, sugar is to be avoided as much as possible. 

Grains: A little amount of gluten free whole grains is ok but in general gluten is a ‘no-no’.

Dairy: Cow’s milk products such as butter, yoghurt and milk aren’t to be eaten but a tiny amount of sheep or goat’s milk makes the cut.

Legumes: Starchy legumes are discouraged, although lentils are allowed. 

Oils: Put away refined oils like corn, soybean and sunflower.

Processed foods: A healthy pegan diet definitely doesn’t allow artificial additives which many processed foods are packed with, so it’s time to put away a lot of the treats hiding at the back of your cupboard or fridge.

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