What’s so different about Lumity?

-Jul 28, Dr Sara Palmer Hussey, PhD, Nutrition -

What is bioavailability

Lumity is an all-natural nutritional support that will boost results well beyond your best lifestyle and dietary choices, while making healthier choices easier. Its scientifically-calibrated formula of amino acids, antioxidant vitamins, omega fatty acids and trace minerals empowers cellular function, resetting your whole body back to youthful efficiency again and leaving you looking and feeling your best age ever.

The development of Lumity is the result of years of extensive research, including Nobel prizewinning discoveries, into the 9 interactive processes that together cause ageing in the body.

It is not just a cocktail of vitamins, it is a scientifically-calibrated 2-step formula aimed at offering specific results. Lumity supports optimal health and youthful efficiency inside the body and renews, protects and improves the skin’s structure from within. Month by month, Lumity will regenerate all your body’s systems to give you a new level of health, beauty, well-being and vitality, making you feel and look your best age ever. 

Currently, the only supplement on the market to take account of all of the processes involved in ageing is Lumity.

Lumity nudges the body’s tendency from inefficiency and ageing back to health and efficiency. This new level of cellular efficiency is consolidated week by week to offer tangible benefits including stronger energy levels, healthy, youthful skin, hair and nails, a strong immune system, greater strength and stamina and a new happy balance.

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