What’s the secret to inner and outer health?

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There’s been a very definite shift in the wellness industry: People are ditching toxins for conscious, healthy beauty products. Instead of talking about anti-ageing, age is becoming irrelevant. It’s all about how you feel and products that work as hard as you do.

We spoke to Dr Sara Palmer Hussey, PhD, the scientist who formulated Lumity’s flagship supplements and our Skin Nutrients Facial Oil, about how to attain an inner level of health and wellness.

Who are you, where are you from and what is your background?

My name is Sara Palmer Hussey and I am a biologist. I grew up in England and studied at Cambridge University. My father was also a biologist and I think he definitely transferred that love for the study of life to me. I have always been fascinated by the human body as an amazing masterpiece of creation. I’m in awe of how the body coordinates a million different functions simultaneously, while maintaining health and balance. I have also always had a particular fascination for the role nutrition plays in health and how well the body works, so when I was looking at ageing and what possible interventions could slow down the process of ageing, I was very interested in whether any form of targeted nutrition could have an effective impact on prolonging youth.

What is ageing?

Ageing is the opposite of youth. In youth you have this incredibly efficient mean machine of a body, which can seemingly cope with anything we throw at it from poor diet to late nights and extreme physical activity. It has boundless energy and hyperefficient repair mechanisms. I see ageing as the gradual loss of youthful efficiency, both in energy production and repair mechanisms, so that the body starts to accumulate damage. Damage is only a problem in the body when it doesn’t get repaired and the main reason it doesn’t get repaired is that repair systems become less efficient with age due to several factors. These two issues of inefficiency and cumulative damage exacerbate each other in a slow downward spiral we identify under the collective term of ageing.

How have you personally experienced ageing (in the mirror, sleep, patience with children) and how did you see it begin to affect your friends?

I think it’s important to emphasise that the experience of ageing is twofold. On the one hand, we have the physical experience of ageing: so externally you may start to notice wrinkles, grey hair, weight gain, and internally, you may start to feel more sluggish, less resilient to disease, experience poor sleep patterns and feel less able to cope with stress. However, this physical downside is usually accompanied by an upside of personal growth – through our 30s and into our 40s and 50s and beyond, we are experiencing gains in wisdom, we’ve probably figured out what we want to focus on in life, what our passions are, what we are good at, we probably have become a lot more comfortable in our skin compared to the self-consciousness of youth, so at the same time that we’re experiencing a physical drag from ageing, we are coming into our own in terms of recognising and trying to live out our purpose in life.

In terms of me and my friends’ experience of ageing, it is perhaps less about how good we look in a selfie and more about how we are feeling on a daily basis – are we able to fully enjoy and fully contribute to all the things that are important to us from our careers to our families?

So, as well as really improving the external signs, I really wanted to develop a product that addressed those core issues which can really hold us back in life and that actually make up the bulk of your everyday experience (you may spend 5 minutes looking in the mirror, but the rest of the day is really about how you feel within).

When did you first start thinking about ageing and the changes one undergoes as they begin to age?

I was quite indifferent to the notion of ageing for a long time, I don’t know whether that was because of busyness or denial, but there’s nothing like having a baby to give you a reality check. I think having a child heightens your awareness of mortality and ageing, you want to be around for your children to support them through life and so taking care of your own health takes on an added perspective of responsibility. I became a mother at 35, so I very quickly began to realise after a few months of sleepless nights that I didn’t have the boundless energy, stamina and resilience of youth and my reflection in the mirror was also confirming this new realisation. So, at that point, ageing became a personal issue and I really started to dig deep into all the research that has been done in the last 50 years on ageing in order to prolong youth for as long as possible and for me it was more to sustain that energy and resilience of youth so that I could best care for my daughter. I didn’t want any illness or exhaustion to interfere with this wonderful new experience of being a mother and at the same time I knew I’d need even more energy and strength than ever before if I also wanted to continue the work I love and contribute something of value through my career.

What do most people try to do to stop the process or counter the effects?

I think people often focus on the external signs of ageing most, so they are buying anti-ageing creams, having injectables or facelifts, but obviously none of these things helps your inner level of health and wellness. I think we are becoming more aware of lifestyle habits that can improve your health, diet, exercise, stress management and the like, but I also think that it is very difficult to always do what is the absolute best for our health. How many of us can say that we live without stress or sometimes find it hard to cope with all the demands we have on us? How many of us sleep 8 hours a night and wake feeling rested and enthusiastic? How many of our good intentions regarding diet go to pot every day when we experience that first energy slump and reach for a bar of chocolate or a double latte? We all know so much about healthy habits now and we all do our best, but even our best efforts often don’t bring the results we’re after. Knowing that most of us don’t have the luxury to fit the best lifestyle choices into our busy days, Lumity represents an easy commitment with big rewards. It targets specific processes in the body associated with ageing to give tangible results. It makes our best intentions easier to follow.

What did you set out to do?

Lumity is focused on providing natural, healthy products that are thoroughly researched and designed from a new, holistic perspective. They contain only the most effective ingredients to give superior results. Lumity products give you back the light and the bounce you may have lost along the way, so that you’re not just surviving your days, you’re thriving and loving your life.

What are your beliefs about nutrition?

We are all bombarded daily with news on what we should and shouldn’t eat and that information is often contradictory. I think the best path is moderation. A healthy diet is one which provides fruit, vegetables, good protein, carbohydrates and good fat. Mix it up and do your best. Lumity aims to go beyond what is possible through diet and lifestyle alone and the benefits it offers will make it much easier to make healthier choices in all areas of your life.

Your diet probably provides adequate quantities of most nutrients, Lumity is not about substituting a healthy diet, it is about providing targeted nutritional support specifically addressing the core processes involved in ageing.

What is different about this?

Lumity’s supplements boost your health from the inside. It’s not just a quick-fix for your outer appearance, it’s supporting your inner efficiency that will radiate out in terms of stronger health, higher energy levels, glowing skin, great hair and nails, a new enthusiasm for life.

Our day and night capsules give the body the targeted support it needs to move back into a position of youthful efficiency. It has just the right balance of nutrients that work perfectly together to offer results that would be impossible through a cream or a multi-vitamin or a green powder.

What has been the feedback and what has this meant to you?

Well I love the whole research and development phase of creating a new product, but I have to say that when the first reviews started coming in I was completely overwhelmed – all these stories from women about how Lumity was actually transforming their everyday lives, what it meant to them to feel so much healthier, stronger, with more energy and that they’re happier and enjoying life more, they love feeling positive about the way they look, having glowing skin, great hair, strong nails. Now that they feel and look great, they can focus on the things in their lives that really matter. Hearing about how Lumity is really supporting health, beauty and wellness in our customers’ lives means the world to me and motivates me to keep working hard on developing products that will generate significant positive results in people’s lives.

Every story is a little bit different too – Lumity supports your body where you need it most, so for some people that’s been their skin, others have noticed energy first, other people have told us about resisting infection while their whole family have been sick with colds and coughs and so many reviews talk about all the compliments you’ve been receiving since you started taking Lumity.

Lumity customers get asked “what’s the secret? Why are you looking so good?” I love hearing stories like that.

Join the thousands of women worldwide who are loving life with Lumity.

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