Why embracing your weaknesses could be the key to truly great health

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One of Hollywood’s top nutrition experts, Kimberly Snyder insists that embracing our weaknesses is the key to true wellness and that the idea of having it all, or holding it all together is a myth.

Reese Witherspoon agrees and credits her great health to Kimberly, saying: “Kimberly’s philosophies about nutrition have really helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle while managing a very busy life. Her program isn’t focused on just losing weight, it’s more about a complete mind, body and health experience.”

Who is Kimberly Snyder?

Kimberly Snyder was born in America and has gone on to carve a career which grows and grows. She’s written multiple best-selling books, launched a popular podcast, is an accomplished public speaker, meditation teacher, certified yoga instructor and holistic wellness expert. She started the Solluna by Kimberly Snyder organic juice and smoothie bar in the iconic Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. And her Solluna website sells her beauty and nutrition ranges as well as featuring recipes and meditations.

Kimberly felt compelled to develop her experience in the wellness space following the death of her mother in 2017.

“A shell around my heart that I didn’t even know was there began to chip and crack,” she explains. “I became truly vulnerable for the first time. And while scary at first, it was also liberating. I began to show people the real me. I began to open up about challenges I’ve had in my life, such as having eating disorders in high school, as well as the flaws and insecurities I never wanted to reveal to anyone.”

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Why perfect is never actually perfect

Although her Instagram shows a perfect life, Kimberly is keen to point out that life is not that simple. She called herself “a recovering perfectionist”. This is why she has taken a more holistic approach to her work and moved her focus from just nutrition.

The myth of holding it all together in a mask of perfection is a huge energy drain,” she explains. “Eating whole foods, meditating, proper sleep, healthy guts and positive relationships are part of feeling good. So is embracing our weaknesses and imperfections that we are used to hiding. When we embrace the parts of us we try to hide, those hidden parts come back into our lives and we become more ourselves.”

Kimberly’s open and honest philosophy has made her a hit on TV shows and podcasts across the States and we are sure we will be seeing more of her in the UK soon.

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Get ready to go bananas!

When it comes to recipes, unlike some wellness influencers, Kimberly likes to keep things simple. She understands that we all have more demands on our time than we would like and so if she keeps things simple everyone can access the benefits of healthy eating. And we love that Kimberly factors in dessert to her programme and makes sweet treats which are super tasty as well as easy! “When it comes to making dessert, not many people think about reaching for a banana, but I sure do,” she says. “I believe bananas are one of nature’s perfect foods. They come right off a tree in their complete nutritional “package”. Being low in fat and loaded with nutrients, what’s not to love?”

Apparently her Feel Playful Ooey Gooey Banana Boat Recipe is a big hit with her celeb clients – and we can’t get enough of it either. She takes a banana, slits it open through one length so the skin so it stays intact on the other side. Then Kimberly fills the cut with a tablespoon of almond butter and some cacao nibs. The banana is then barbecued until the skin turns dark brown and the inside is gooey. Delicious!

If you are looking for some healthy snacks then we would recommend these! And if you want to increase your water intake, these adds to your H2O are fabulous.

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