Why are Lumity’s Morning and Night supplements unique?

-Jan 18, Dr Sara Palmer Hussey, Health -

You may have heard or read great reviews of Lumity’s triple award-winning supplements, but wondered what makes them so special? We asked their creator, Sara Palmer Hussey, PhD to explain the science behind these magical capsules.

Optimum health comes from respecting the body’s circadian rhythm. The body has two very different modes between daytime and nighttime and, by understanding and tailoring supplementation to the very different needs between day and night, we can support the healthier functioning and efficiency of our bodies.

Lumity morning capsules restore the body’s vitality, boost mental clarity and focus

Daytime is active mode and we require strong defences, optimum function and efficient energy production – Lumity morning capsules restore the body’s vitality, boost mental clarity and focus, bolster the healthy functioning of all systems, including the immune system and metabolism, while reviving skin, nails and hair, bones, joints, muscle function and teeth.

Lumity nighttime capsules harness the regenerative mode of the body’s resting phase. This time is vital to repair all the damage we accumulate during the day from environmental toxins and just from being alive in active mode. Lumity nighttime capsules deliver targeted support to enhance this phase, prioritising youthful health, vitality and radiance.

Why softgels are crucial for nutrient absorption

The format of Lumity is also important in ensuring optimum bioavailability and absorption of nutrients so that they can accomplish their mission. Free of unnecessary excipients (the binding agents, coatings, anti-caking agents, preservatives, fillers, etc.), all Lumity’s active ingredients are suspended in omega-3-rich flaxseed oil and sealed in gelatin capsules. This means that they don’t necessarily have to be taken with a meal, so the nighttime capsules can be taken just before bedtime – they melt in the stomach, releasing all ingredients (fat-soluble nutrients already accompanied by oil) to be absorbed immediately. It is the perfect format for absorption and gut health.

A more targeted nutritional approach

I hope the above goes some way to explain the uniqueness of Lumity. It starts with an in-depth study of all the systems the body itself already has in place and seeks to support those systems with a more targeted nutritional approach that gently works with the body on a daily basis rather than shunting the body off-balance with excessive doses. The combination of nutrients working in special teams with assigned tasks, the application of chronotherapeutics (the right dose at the right time for maximum effectiveness) and the most effective format, all mean that Lumity’s effects are always more than skin deep.

The aim is to help your body support you every day, so you are always feeling and looking your best, ready to tackle everything life throws at you.

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