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Most of us own a smart phone and on each one there is a function which so many of us under use – the calendar. But if you are looking for easy, smart ways to make your life run more smoothly and bring down your stress levels that calendar might be exactly what you need to find your zen again. When you use a calendar to organise your life, you will be able to organise your brain, feel more on top of things and not as likely to miss deadlines. If you are not a fan of an on-screen calendar do not worry – most of these tips can also be applied to a decent size wall calendar as well.

Calendars help you consolidate information

There are so many places to store information now, on text messages, emails, bits of paper and as a result even finding where the info is logged can waste time and ramp up stress levels. Instead, having them in one place means you know where to look and can immediately put things in order. Make it a habit to add new appointments or tasks to your calendar immediately that you get them or, if it works better for you, at the end of everyday. This means your brain can focus on the list clearly outlined on the calendar rather than trying to recall how the information was sent over to you and what it was.

There are a number of ways to electronically share a calendar and as well as helping to further consolidate everyone’s whereabouts and activities, it can also allow people to see how hard you are working and where they can help in a practical way. It’s one thing telling someone you are busy and another them seeing it!

Start ‘doing’ and stop worrying using a calendar

When we feel overwhelmed and stressed it can be hard to get going on any part of a task as often we are too busy going over the fact we are struggling to cope. As a result often nothing happens or is completed. When we see something in a list format we can see a task with a beginning and better still, an ending. A list is also free from the emotions which may be whizzing around our heads. As such it’s easier to approach it objectively and as a result you are likely to get more accomplished in a shorter space of time. This in itself will see you work through your to-do list. 

Unexpected events will happen and problems will arise when we are working through calendar tasks of course. This can throw us off-track and into a period of acute stress, in which case our brains are not working at their best. Having a calendar based system means you can immediately work out what to move and where to re-allocate your time rather than wasting time worrying. 

It’s important to build in breaks to your calendar too – if you are diarising a phone call which may overrun then make it longer than you imagine it will take so you have time to spare rather than packing too much in and working against the clock. This also means you are more likely to keep on track. And if you have some spare time then make the most of it by grabbing a coffee or taking a walk! 

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Use your calendar to break down tasks

It can feel overwhelming and hard to know where to start when we have major tasks to undertake or multiple tasks to take on. Breaking down a task makes it far more manageable but you need to keep on top of your sections too – else you will remain stressed but with a different focus for it! Using a calendar can help you organize when to action certain parts of your plans. Colour coding them too makes it even easier to quickly see what needs to be done, when, on which task. This can save you time in the long run even if you will have to take a little time planning and noting the actions. And your stress levels will be lowered as you feel on top of things, you will see regular achievements and tasks will be better compartmentalised.

Set alerts for those things you always forget!

There are some regular activities which we can seem to have a total brain freeze on. Whether it is putting the bins out on a Tuesday – or making sure it’s the correct bin in some cases – to packing the football boots in the kids bag on a Thursday. Rushing about and chiding yourself for once again screwing up is stressful. Time is wasted scrabbling around trying to find certain items and your heart rate and breathing elevates as well as your stress hormones, meaning your body is feeling the stress even after you have completed your task. By setting alarms on your calendar you can allow yourself time to carry out a task, feel organized instead of incompetent. And if taking your Lumity supplements is one of those actions which constantly falls through the net, setting alarms will mean you also get the stress-busting nutrients they contain too!

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Calendars can help us make time for self-care

When we are feeling under pressure and stressed, self-care is more important than ever, yet it is usually the first thing we drop. Using a calendar system you can make sure this essential time is ring fenced by marking it down beforeany other tasks. Make sure you add at least three hours over a week. Also by marking an activity – from yoga class to a catch up with friends – we are less likely to skip it when we are stressed as it feels more important. It’s also a good way to see how much time you are actually allowing yourself and whether it really should be more per week. 

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