Why consistency is key in a skincare regime

-Aug 8, Hannah Hargrave, Beauty -

If you started a new diet and didn’t see results in a day you wouldn’t throw in the towel . The same goes for skincare where consistency is key!

You wouldn’t expect a whittled waistline from a no sugar diet when every other day you found yourself reaching for cake, and yet people wonder why their skin isn’t yielding that promised glow when they only remember to use what should be an every day skincare product once in a blue moon.

When it comes to making the most of an oil, cream or supplement consistency is imperative. It’s the same as when you start a new workout, or even decide to look after a house plant – they need regular attention to get results.

Results take time

With the majority of skincare products you simply can’t expect to see better looking skin straight away. In fact to see a difference you generally have to wait several weeks. Take Lumity Day and Night Supplements for example, we recommend you wait 12 weeks to see a marked improvement in skin, hair, nails and overall wellness. For the Lumity Skin Nutrients Facial Oil 73% of people waited four weeks before they saw a reduction in fine lines – but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the wait!

Maintaining good skin

Consistency extends the life of your skin. Think of it as the same thing as brushing your teeth. You do it every day to ensure you maintain the good health and condition of your pearly whites and gums. When you don’t do it over time your teeth deteriorate and if you stop completely they fall out. 

While it may take a few weeks to see the results of your skincare routine, it only takes a a few minutes of your day to get there and then to maintain it too.

Finding a few minutes

That’s all it takes to be consistent, a few minutes a day but you can reap the benefits for years. People work out for an hour a day to keep their body in shape and yet somehow can’t find time for an at home facial massage or to swallow their supplements.

It could be forgetfulness, impatience or a dash of laziness, but keep reminding yourself it’s just a few minutes out of the day’s 1440 total minutes. 

It gets easier

Once you make taking your supplements and applying your five minute skincare regime a habit you won’t think twice about doing it. It may take a few weeks to form this new habit, but don’t give up. When you’re passed that barrier keeping up with the consistency of the skincare routine becomes easy. Plus your skin will just continue to look healthy and revitalised without you putting much thought into it. 

What if you forget?

Of course there will be times when you forget or you fall into bed too tired to do any beautifying – including taking your supplements – but just make sure THAT doesn’t become habitual and you should easily be able to stay on top of your skincare. 

Put your Lumity Skin Nutrients Facial Oil by your bedside alongside with your day and night supplements and it’s one of the first things you’ll see when you wake up in the morning and the last before you go to sleep.

Alternatively put your skincare necessities next to your toothbrush. Once again you’ll be reminded morning and evening that you need to spare a few minutes to keep the largest organ of your body looking and feeling it’s best.

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