Why do all the best lifestyle changes take 12 weeks to show?

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Why does it take a while to notice changes when you start taking Lumity supplements or make other healthy lifestyle changes? - Good things take time

When you start a new fitness regime, diet or beauty routine it’s understandable that you want to see results NOW! But for a long-lasting and sustainable difference you should expect to wait at least 12 weeks. 

We spend so much of our adult life marvelling at how time has flown and yet when it comes to lifestyle changes a few weeks is suddenly an eternity. But don’t let 12 weeks out of an entire lifetime stop you from overhauling your wellness, because your future really can be shaped in those three months.

Why your healthspan matters as much as your lifespan

You’ve heard of your lifespan and will know that it means the actual number of years that you will be alive for. But, your healthspan is the number of years that the body remains healthy for and not riddled with disease, or life-limiting conditions. There can be a gap between when your healthspan runs out but your lifespan continues. You may not have a lot of control over how long you’ll live for, but there’s mountains of research that concludes that making healthy lifestyle changes now can extend your healthspan – and most likely your lifespan – in years to come. Making healthy lifestyle changes is like a financial investment fund but for your health.

Examples of simple ways to extend your healthspan

Giving up smoking and cutting back on your alcohol and refined sugar intake are just a couple of examples of tangible changes you can make to help your healthspan now, as is taking up a regular exercise routine, cutting back on the number of toxins you consume and aiming to eat plenty of quality vegetables.

Let’s take a look at this in closer detail and why real and lasting change takes time. but the bottom line is you wouldn’t expect to eat an orange and a lettuce for lunch and have clear skin and have lost weight by supper time!

Losing Weight

Crash dieting and harsh detoxes can seem like the quickest easiest option to shed a few unwanted pounds but if you lose the weight that way, you rarely manage to keep it off.

Of course dropping five pounds in a week is going to be an incentive to keep going but you can’t keep that weight loss up for long and it’s likely the way you achieved it wasn’t with a diet you can comfortably continue with.

Slow but steady wins the race when it comes to your dieting, no matter how infuriating that can be. If you reach your target weight in a sensible way you can put yo-yo dieting behind you.

Getting Fit

You can’t just eat a tin of spinach and expect muscles like to pop out of your arms, in fact it takes a lot more than some leafy greens to get in shape.

Changing your body with exercise – whether that’s building muscle, losing fat, looking leaner or all of the above – takes time. 

If you’re not a gym bunny you’re not going to become one overnight and even if you do love exercise if it’s a six-pack you’re after you might need a new routine to get you there.

The good news is the results will start taking shape as you go which will encourage you to keep up the good work until you reach your goal. Then it’s all about maintenance.  

Improved Skin

Lumity’s Day and Night Supplements are scientifically formulated to look after your body from the inside out, improving your hair, skin and nails, your immunity, energy levels and more. Their 2-step formula – three capsules in the morning and three at night – help to improve vitality and brain function. Now that’s a lot to deliver. So it’s no wonder Lumity recommends clients wait 12 weeks to see a marked improvement of their general wellness. Although you may well notice certain changes in week one, because it all depends on your starting point – everyone is different and the body puts nutrients where they’re needed first.

Consistency is also key to ensuring they can do their job properly so make sure you remember to take them by placing them next to your toothbrush, setting an alarm or having them on your bedside table. 

Quitting Smoking

If you’ve decided to put down the cigarette packet for good your body will be thanking you, but it might just a little time to show you it’s appreciation. Smoking reeks havoc not only on your insides but on your nails, teeth and your skin too.

The damage to your skin – think wrinkles and loss of elasticity – will slowly improve once you quit the habit but it takes time to repair. Smoking can accelerate the appearance of wrinkles too so when you stop you should find those fine lines take longer to form in the first place.

Reducing Your Sugar Intake

Cutting back on sugar can benefit your waistline, your skin, your teeth and even your sleep but the process can be a lengthy – albeit a rewarding one – if you can stick to it. In this case it might not take 12 weeks to look and feel noticeable better without the sweet stuff but you can definitely expect for it to take at least five or six weeks for it to feel completely manageable. You have to deal with not only the physical detoxification but the mental cravings too. Nobody said it would be easy!

When embarking on any healthy lifestyle change you may well feel worse before you get better. Just remember when you’re struggling that you’re doing it for you because you deserve it and because YOU are worth it.

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