Ask Sara: Why do Lumity’s supplements come in a softgel and not a hard capsule?

-Jun 2, Jenny Paul , Health -

Have you wondered why Lumity’s flagship Morning and Night capsules come in softgels rather than hard capsules? We turned to their creator Sara Palmer Hussey, PhD, for the answer. 

You might be used to taking hard capsules and be a little confused by Lumity’s softgels. Why have we made them that way? 

Tablets can be very difficult to absorb – they may disintegrate too slowly and fail to provide the specific nutrient to the right intestinal sites, decreasing absorption and potentially causing gastrointestinal upset.

Softgels provide better absorbability than hard vitamin tablets 

Softgels are certainly more costly to make, but provide a number of advantages when it comes to absorbability. All the ingredients are suspended in oil and sealed inside the capsule shell, which creates an effective barrier to oxygen. The shell dissolves in the stomach and, thanks to the lipid-based formula, will not cause any irritation.

The ingredients already emulsified in the oil are ready to be absorbed in the small intestine. Supplements in tablet or hard capsule form usually bear the instructions ‘to be taken with a meal’ as they contain some ingredients that must be emulsified before they can be absorbed. A softgel does not require this precaution.

A softgel will gently dissolve in your stomach within 3 to 4 minutes and then can pass directly into the small intestine where all the ingredients are absorbed directly and immediately. That means your body is able to use all the nutrients in Lumity, instead of them being washed through your system with food and drink. 

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