Why giving festive gifts is better than receiving them!

-Dec 24, Hannah Hargrave, Mind -

Did you know that giving, whether that’s in the form of donating time to a charity, or simply spending time with a person you know is often lonely, can be better for you emotionally than receiving gifts? It has been dubbed as ‘the helper’s high’ and this year writer Hannah Hargrave has decided to focus her energy on the joy of giving. Here, she explains why… 

With all the chaos that surrounds the festive season the joy of giving often gets diminished. We dash around the shops picking out gifts in a frantic daze, trying to tick off every person on the list in the hope that they will like what you have chosen for them, but it can become robotic and a little less thoughtful than it should be and there’s the ever looming fear of a financial meltdown in January once the bank statements land. 

This year, I’ve asked that nobody buy me anything because I want to get my joy from watching my loved ones open gifts – or at least I hope that I will.

If you need a little reminder of why giving is better than receiving then read on and remember the very wise words of Mahatma Ghandi, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Making others happy teaches responsibility

Often giving can mean making a sacrifice. Everyone can give something regardless of their financial situation, but it might mean reassessing how. Learning how you can donate – and remember it doesn’t have to be in the form of money – by giving something else up or by watching your spending habits might make you realise you don’t need as much in your life to be happy anyway!

A gift makes a difference

It doesn’t matter how little you can give, it makes a difference to somebody. Don’t be stopped from making a gesture of kindness or a small act of goodwill because you don’t think it’ll make a difference. But it will.

Giving is easy

When you’re working on fulfilling all those Christmas lists giving might not seem like light work, but actually giving really is easy.

In addition to all the material things you give you can also easily give friendship, compassion, your time or just a hug.

Making others happy makes you happy

Jacqueline Way knows all too well the power of giving. A project she started with her three-year-old son, to give every single day for a year, spiralled into an incredible charity called 365give.

By the end of the year they had set off a massive chain reaction with people across the globe activating their ‘helpers high’ by giving to a person, an animal or the planet.

She swears giving is the keep to happiness! 

The more you give the more you have

It’s not often you hear of people giving and regretting! You don’t need to feel guilty for being proud of your generosity, in whatever form that comes in, because actually that euphoric feeling encourages you to keep giving. Basking in the joy of giving makes you feel positive about yourself and your actions.

It’s true what they say that the more you give the more you have.


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