Why it’s good to send thank you notes

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Whether it’s a pre-written, ‘thanks’ or ‘cheers’ or a smiling-hugging-emoji face, sending a thank you via your phone or laptop has never been so easy. But slowly the thank you letter or card is coming back into fashion. And with good reason. As we strive to find something authentic in an increasingly digital age the beauty of a handwritten note is ever more poignant. Did you know that sending a thank you note is as wonderful for the senders wellbeing as the joy it gives to the recipient? It’s been found that counting our blessings is one of the best habits we can develop. It has both mental and physical health benefits for all involved.

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We should all practice gratitude

The concept of practicing gratitude is one which is gaining popularity – despite the fact that historically it’s part of almost all cultures around the world. In one survey researchers surveyed thank you card writers before and after they composed their notes. They discovered that writing the cards consistently made them feel happier, more positive and cheerful.

Interestingly it’s been found that people who regularly engage in expressing thanks and gratitude actually have less physical ill health and tend to be happier in their relationships. It’s also encourages a less materialistic outlook as we value people and actions over ‘things’ – something positive for our mental health.

And the boost we receive from writing a thank you note is not over as soon as the letter is posted. Even months after sending our brains are still wired to feel extra appreciative and thankful. In fact, the more you actively practice gratitude them more you find to be thankful for. And the more you can enjoy the uplifting benefits.

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Saying thank you will strengthen your relationships

We all have (or have had) those friends who seem happy to take and come to us when they need help but never seem to appreciate our efforts or thank us for being there. While we all do things for others selflessly, it’s nice to feel our efforts have been noted. When someone receives a thank you note they appreciate the time which has been taken to send it as much as the words contained within.

When we show gratitude it strengthens our relationships. People feel more connected, they feel appreciated and are more likely to want to prioritize spending time with one another and step up again in the future. Expressing gratitude creates as positive circle of wanting to be generous or virtuous once more. And it’s not just the person being thanked who will more likely want to repeat their kind behavior, grateful are more likely to reciprocate with acts of kindness of their own as they want to mirror the feelings they have experienced to others.

Taking the time to write a thank you

We can all text a quick message in the car on the way home from a friends dinner to say thank you, but taking the time to write a card, which you have chosen for the occasion, is far more special. It could be that you have a stash of pretty cards at home ready to be used as much as going out to the shops to get one specially, but taking a moment to choose which your recipient would like is important. It makes you think about them, their personality, likes and dislikes a little deeper.

And there is nothing like receiving a handwritten envelope containing a card when for the majority of us the morning mail consists of bank statements, junk mail and online purchases. Unlike a text, a written thank you can be re-read, displayed and even kept. Which sure beats an email!

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