Why not make your next holiday a chance to boost your wellness levels?

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If you’re suffering from the winter blues, now’s the perfect time to plan a trip for 2019 where you return feeling happy, healthy and ready to take the world by storm! 


We have been investigating wellness destinations and, if you’re scared of starving yourself on a juice cleanse for five days, or are bored of your usual retreat, there are plenty of fantastic options now that won’t leave you craving a triple burger and fries the second you get to the airport for your flight home. 

Better yet, you’ll return with an arsenal of healthy recipes to cook when you’re back at home, new workout obsessions and ways to stay calm and balanced in an increasingly stressful world. 

Ibiza’s first ‘all-season’ retreat – The Body Camp – is a firm favourite with the likes of Caroline Flack, Melanie C, Emma Willis and Henry Holland because of its holistic approach to wellness. 

But the great news is that they’re also opening a site in Mallorca which is taking bookings now and will kick off in early 2019. 

About Body Camp Mallorca 


Body Camp Mallorca, set in the north of the island, opens in Summer 2019 offering a full results programme, everyone “all in” from morning to lunch, then – unlike Ibiza – guests can have the option of taking the afternoon off to relax, recover, work, pamper or chill.

A full program will still run every day to enable weight loss and fitness goals, but the afternoon-chill option means guests may wish to enjoy a longer stay to achieve life changing goals as they will have enough down time to recover and take it slow especially since the retreat will enjoy a “rustic” relaxed Balearic island vibe.


How is the new Mallorca Body Camp different to the Ibiza one? 


Founder Kate Whale says: “Ibiza has been an incredible journey for us and we will continue to offer our much-loved programme there for those who wish to get the ‘full works’ including the mindfulness element.

“Mallorca is our first permanent site so we can offer our guests the option to come any time, which is perfect as we’ve found Mallorca to be a real all-year-round island.

“Any time of the year, guests can take advantage of the beautiful weather with activities including amazing hikes and great cycling, whilst also dipping their toes into some lovely pampering beauty treatments.

“Mallorca will also be able to offer shorter stays than the full-week currently on offer in Ibiza. Since we have a lot of repeat visitors we’re very pleased to be able to offer Mallorca as a new option.”

The Body Camp in Ibiza has blown the competition out of the water with the luxury villa filled with delicious Instagramable dishes, life coaching, pool games, yoga, hikes across the island and even dance classes to keep positive vibes reaching for the sky so we’re sure that the Mallorca option is set to be a massive hit. 


Here are some easy to digest Body Camp Ibiza facts…


YOU EAT: Private chef, 80% plant based, some seafood and chicken, gluten free, refined sugar free – dishes include homemade granola and homemade almond milk, tom yum soup, raw pad Thai and treats including raw carrot cake and green smoothies. 

YOUR EXERCISE REGIME: Glorious cliffside hikes, TRX, boxing, tennis, dance, core strengthening exercises, yoga and meditation. 

WHICH CELEBS HAVE BEEN: Millie Mackintosh, Caroline Flack, Melanie C, Lisa Snowdon, Donna Air, Emma Willis, Rosie Fortescue, Rochelle Humes, Isaac Carew, Darren Kennedy, Nicola Roberts, Vanessa White.

HOW STRICT?:  Body Camp don’t consider themselves a “bootcamp” – they’re a fitness retreat full of positivity and the aim is to make lasting changes to guest’s lives to complete a full-blown lifestyle transformation when you return home. From portion control to cooking classes – you do it all during your week. 

HOW STRUCTURED: The week-long programme is perfectly structured to give you the balance of hardcore exercise and downtime to allow your body to recover. They’re also all about resetting your mind and clearing your head with reiki on offer and group sessions to discuss mental health. It’s a positive team-playing retreat – perfect for a solo traveller. Everyone bonds. You’re generally in bed by 9pm and up at 6am dancing to eighties tunes before a sunrise stroll or jog. 

IS THERE A BAR? : There’s no alcohol and you’re encouraged to join in every activity to get the most from your week. Otherwise, what’s the point? 

SURPRISE: They even give you a packed lunch when you leave so you can avoid the inevitable fast food stop at Ibiza Airport. 


Prices include the programme, accommodation, all food and drink and an hour-long massage to book now and give yourself something to look forward to this winter check out www.thebodycamp.com for more information.  


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