Why self-care isn’t selfish, it’s self-love

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Self-care is crucial for keeping mind and body in tip top condition and yet many women have convinced themselves it’s selfish to look after no.1. But we’ve got some very good reasons why it’s not just ok to care for yourself, it’s imperative.

Authentic self-care is about caring for yourself

How many times have you thought about going to the gym, the hairdressers or even out for a meal with your partner, only to guilt yourself into doing something for someone else instead? But the reality is if you’re not looking after yourself how can you possibly be doing the best for yourself and the people around you?

All too often people associate self-care with narcissism or unnecessary pampering but that’s not what it’s about. Authentic self-care is about caring, nurturing and loving yourself and in doing so you’ll not only benefit yourself but the people around you too.

What is self-care?

By definition self-care is the practice of actively protecting and caring for one’s own health and happiness, which sounds like something we should all be doing! 

But the stresses of everyday life mean that instead of investing in your own self-care you work harder, sleep less and cut out the so-called ‘nonessential’ things you do to be your best self. 

If that’s you, it’s time to sit down, take a breathe and make a plan to put some of these simple self-care practices into action so you can be your healthiest, happiest individual, partner, worker and parent. 

How to eat well

You are what you eat turns out to be pretty accurate. While you won’t literally turn into a banana by eating the yellow fruit when you improve your diet and pack it with healthy nutritious foods you look and feel better. The right foods can not only help your waistline they can boost brain function, your mood, your heart health and so much more. Replace sugary, processed food with fresh fruits, vegetables and home cooked meals and you’ll soon notice the difference. 

Get Active

A sedentary lifestyle isn’t a healthy one. The benefits of exercise are endless and they’re not just physical they’re mental too. When you exercise you release the feel good endorphins which gives you a workout high. 

You don’t have to sweat it out every day at the gym to reap the rewards of being active either. Even getting out for a daily brisk walk can work wonders for your waistline and wellbeing in general. 

Care for Your Skin 

Skincare can seem low on the list of priorities but when you’re stressed, tired and not looking after yourself the biggest organ in your body pays the price. You want to look in the mirror and like what you see and when you look healthy you generally feel healthy too. Look after your skin from the inside out and compliment your diet with Lumity Day and Night Supplements . The all-natural capsules improve your energy, sleep and wellbeing and in turn improve your skin.

Add Lumity Skin Nutrients Facial Oil to the mix and your skin health will pack a real punch.

Nurture Your Relationships

The irony is that you’re likely bending over backwards to keep your family, friends and colleagues happy and yet one of the most important relationships with your partner might be paying the price. Improved self-care can strengthen a relationship but making time to be with your loved one and not just living with them is an important part of your self-care mission to begin with. 

Make a date night and stick to it or do something as simple as self-care guru Nadia Narain says and greet your partner with joy when they arrive home – the same way you would your dog. 

She acknowledges that it isn’t always easy to make a real effort in your relationship but says “once you start making it a practice, it becomes so natural.”

Be Social

Loneliness is on the rise and with social media comes the ability to convince yourself you’ve caught up with friends when actually all you’ve done is checked their Facebook page. 

Make a conscious effort to speak to your friends on the phone or put a coffee or dinner date in the diary. Socialising, laughter and letting your hair down can relieve stress and ensure you’re living life and not just dealing with the daily grind. 

Not everyone’s self-care needs are the same and the list for looking after yourself is endless but whether you choose to start meditating, take up yoga learn a new lifeskill or completely overhaul your health regime just make self-care a normal component in your life. Schedule in that ‘me-time’ even if it means the cooking and cleaning has to wait. 

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