Why silk pillowcases can work wonders for your skin

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Why silk pillowcases can work wonders for your skin
Slipping under a set of Egyptian cotton sheets might feel amazing. But if you want to keep your face younger, fresher and wrinkle-free it’s your pillowcase you should be looking at. We investigate.


We cleanse, we tone and we moisturise to prep our skin before a good night’s sleep, but what about what’s happening to our skin while we’re catching our all important zzzz’s?

Not only should you be picking the right beauty products to keep your youthful glow but the right pillowcase to lay your pretty little head down on too, and it looks like silk could be the way to go.


Which sleep position is best for avoiding wrinkles?


“The best way to sleep, in terms of skin ageing, is on your back,” New York dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeichner, MD explains to Lumity Life magazine. “Being a side sleeper is unfortunately not something that you may be able to change.”

So if we all slept on our backs with our face aimed up towards the ceiling the fabric of our pillowcase wouldn’t really matter when it comes to our skin. But the truth is most of us snooze with our face smudged into our pillow and wake up with creased skin.

In fact, a study by Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service found that only 13% of us slept face up, meaning 87% of us snuggle up to our pillow buddy at night.


How can a silk pillowcase help your skin?

Wouldn’t it be nice to go to sleep and wake up without looking puffy and with creases under your eyes?

“We know that there are frictional forces of the skin against the pillow which can lead to skin folding while you sleep and promote wrinkling,” says Dr. Zeichner.

“A material like silk is extremely soft and is associated with less friction against the skin, as compared to synthetic fabrics or even cotton.”

Silk also doesn’t absorb so much moisture from your skin. The more hydrated your skin, the less wrinkles you’ll have.


Why sleeping on silk helps with dry skin conditions


As we mentioned, silk can help you retain moisture and this is not only good news for combatting wrinkles, but it can be beneficial for people suffering from dry skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis too.

In addition to keeping skin hydrated it’s soft to touch and less likely to irritate sensitive skin.

“Eczema is a condition where the skin is dry and sensitive,” explains Dr. Zeichner. “If you do have eczema stay away from synthetic fabrics and stick to the softest material possible. Silk is definitely an option here.”


A simple way to help prevent acne and breakouts 


Silk is naturally cool to touch. This means that it reduces the amount you sweat at night meaning it reduces oil and bacterial build up. This can help keep breakouts at bay.

But Dr. Zeichner is keen to point out that the best way to prevent acne is a little less expensive than a silk pillowcase.

“Generally speaking it is important to wash your face before bed to remove dirt, oil, and make up so it does not rub off your face and become deposited onto the fibers of your pillowcase, no matter what it’s made of. Sleeping with a dirty face can promote acne breakouts or lead to skin irritation.”


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