Why do you need a morning and nighttime supplement?

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It’s not just the colour that differentiates Lumity’s morning and night supplements, the teams of nutrients in each set of softgels have been scientifically calibrated to help the body perform essential tasks for each time of day to ensure you’re thriving during the day and well rested throughout the night.

Many supplements are taken just once a day, but Lumity’s triple award-winning softgel capsules deliver a double health whammy with a targeted AM and PM dose too.

They are a two-step formula designed to support your days and take care of your nighttime needs meaning their lists of ingredients aren’t the same either.

What do Lumity morning supplements do?

By day your mind and body have to take on the stresses of life plus it also comes up against environmental factors too like free radicals which are a major cause of premature ageing. 

To neutralise these free radicals the body uses antioxidants which Lumity is full of. Vitamins E and C plus Selenium and Zinc help protect the body on a cellular level against oxidative stress.

To keep hair, skin and nails strong and healthy the morning capsules are loaded with a dream team of nutrients. Turmeric and Vitamin C help support the formation of collagen and they’re rich in omega 3s and essential nutrients we can’t get from diet alone – all of which keep skin youthful, supple and healthy.  They also contribute to immune health while gently boosting your energy levels.

Of course you don’t want to forget about your brain! In order to reduce fatigue and tiredness and boost your vitality in the day – as well as your productivity and mood – the morning supplements have a plethora of ‘feel alive’ nutrients including Magnesium, which helps fight fatigue and then there’s the brain vitamins Zinc and Iodine as well. Another benefit is a healthy metabolism meaning now more afternoon snacking or slumps.

What do the Lumity night capsules offer?

Night is when your body goes into repair and restore mode and the team of amino acids in Lumity’s bedtime formula helps with this as you rest so you awake feeling well-rested and revitalised.

If you’re just starting your Lumity journey, we recommend keeping a little diary, so you can keep a note off your starting point and compare as each month goes by. If you’re in any doubt as to whether they’re working, stop for a few days and see how you feel!

You can find a full list of the nutrients in Lumity Supplements here and if you’d like to find out more you might like to read why the full effects of supplements take a few months to notice.

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