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We've come up with some ways to show why Lumity is not a luxury, it's a necessity, and an investment in your long-term health.

You may think that you don’t have a supplement budget, and we understand that these are tough times for us all. We’ve come up with some ways to show why Lumity is not a luxury, it’s a necessity, and an investment in your long-term health.

Sometimes life means we have to reassess how we spend our money – but your skin, sleep and vitality doesn’t have to suffer as a result. You can keep up your Lumity supplement and oil by making some small cuts elsewhere in your life which you shouldn’t feel the impact of as you are probably overspending on them already! That means you don’t have to sacrifice all the wonderful benefits of Lumity and can carry on living your life to the fullest.

Switch to subscription Lumity

Did you know you can get Lumity on subscription? Not only does this mean you will automatically get your Lumity delivered to your door every 4 weeks without having to remember to order it in time, you will also save 15% on the cost of your supplement and 20% off the super-nourishing facial oil. This brings your monthly Lumity spend down to £124.50 and we can help you find that money easily. Here’s how:-

Drop one take-out drink a day

Not only will ditching one takeaway coffee, tea, bottle of water or juice a day help you save at least £15 a week it will also help save the environment. That’s a win if ever there was one! There are plenty of cool reusuable and even spill-proof hot and cold drink cups on the market now and you are likely to recoup your initial investment within the first few days. Some are thermal and lockable, perfect if you want to drink your hot drink later in the day. You can still enjoy a decent cup of Joe, ground coffee and a cafetiere should help you out. And even if you do still buy the odd cup when you are on the run, having your own cup will get you a discount in most coffee shops now. 

If smoothies are your thing then consider making your own. High power blenders are more affordable than ever and frozen smoothie mixes more economical. Plus you can also reduce your food waste by adding fresh fruit and veg which is leftover to your mix.

Average monthly saving = £60

Take a packed lunch once a week – and be snack ready

Even if you only make yourself a sandwich (here’s some easy ways to supercharge your sarnie) or take some leftovers to eat cold or reheated in a microwave once a week, by thinking ahead you will save money. You will also save time queuing up and will make sure you eat those leftovers rather than throwing them away. There are lots of easy ways to meal prep which means you don’t take time out of your evenings or weekend really. And you will know exactly what’s in your meal so can make a healthy choice. 

Even buying your snacks in multipack bags from a supermarket and having them in your desk rather than buying them one at a time from a corner or coffee shop will all add up. Likewise making sure you have some snacks in your bag at all times means emergencies won’t leave you paying over the odd for things. You are likely to save a lot more than you think!

Average monthly saving = £20 

Reassess your phone contracts

When you last had an upgrade or bought your last phone you likely got locked into a contract for 18-24months. It’s worth noting when your contract ends as a SIM only contract often gives you more data for a much cheaper cost. Do you have a landline? Do you ever use it? If the answer is no then think about scrapping it. You can still get broadband from some providers without needing a landline.

Average monthly saving = £20

Use your library or start a book swap circle

Reading books is good for the soul. There is no doubt about it. But all those thrilling novels can add up when you are a regular reader. If you have friends who also love reading why not start a reading circle where you can exchange books between you? Then you get to read more books while buying less. It’s also lovely to be able to then chat about the book with someone and recommend something you loved. It’s also worth thinking about joining a local library. Many are open in the evenings and on Saturdays and as well as lending all the books you could ever read for free, some also allow you to borrow DVD’s for free or a very low cost. Making them cheaper than renting a movie online – and giving you that nostalgic Blockbuster experience! If you have children then being a library member will make them bookworms while not filling the house with books they are bored of and saving you cash too.

Average monthly saving = £10

Check your subscriptions

It’s so easy to sign up to services to binge-watch watch TV but how often do you really use them? If the answer is not a lot then it might be worth suspending them periodically and then restarting to binge watch a few series, rather than paying for them all the time. If you still have cable but the only the kids have time to watch any of the channels consider leaving and instead buying a pass which will give you all the premium content without needing to pay for the services you rarely use.

Gym memberships can easily add up when you aren’t using them. For one month log all the classes and trips you make to the gym and add up how much they could have cost if you bought them individually rather than on a monthly tarrif. If you are one the cusp of just breaking even think about whether you could drop one class and instead do a work out from home from the many free ones available online or just taking a run at lunchtime or after work. 

Average monthly saving = £15

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