Why you should never sleep in your makeup

-May 4, Jenny Paul, Beauty -

Why you should never sleep in your makeup
Let’s face it, all of us have gone to sleep with our makeup on at some point in our lives. But it can cause a number of issues from spots to eye infections. Here’s our guide to cleanse properly and keep your skin happy and healthy.


It’s all to easy to fall into bed after a long day, followed by an even longer night, and completely forgetting to do a full evening skincare routine. Many of us might reach for a cleansing wipe in a bid to remove some of our makeup but not cleansing properly can cause more problems than just messy sheets. 

And, it’s not just a case of removing your makeup.

Not cleansing the skin before you sleep, even if you aren’t wearing any makeup, can lead to issues including breakouts and blackheads. 


What causes problems with your T-zone? 


If you go to bed wearing foundation it leaves bacteria on your skin. These unwanted guests then start to feed on the oil in your T-zone. When you consider that most of us spend roughly seven hours asleep at night, this gives the bacteria lots of time to run riot. The end result will be breakouts; including spots and blackheads. 


Is sleeping in your eyeshadow bad for your skin?


Hands up if you’ve ever gone to sleep in your eyeshadow? Well, this is not ideal either. We have little hair follicles and oil glands on our eyelids. Sleeping in eyeshadow can clog these up which can cause eye infections like styes. It can also cause red bleary eyes, which of course is not an ideal look either.


What happens if you sleep in your mascara? 


Did you know that if you sleep in your mascara it can come out in clumps – causing your lashes to fall out with it? As well as that it can cause irritation – which translates as puffy eyes and pillow face that lasts all day. If you have recently invested in silk pillowcases to ensure you don’t get unwanted wrinkles, your mascara will end up on your pillow – which is another way for it to get into your eyes. 


Why not cleansing your skin before bed can cause blackheads 


You my have noticed that you have tiny little hairs on your cheeks. These have follicles, like the hair on our heads do. If you don’t cleanse the skin properly dead skin cells can build up in the hair follicles and that causes blackheads and spots. 


How lipstick can lead to spots on the side of your mouth 


Did you know that if you fall into bed wearing lipstick that you can ingest it? Many lipsticks contain waxes. If left on overnight you can end up with clogged pores on the side of your lips. This can cause small black and whiteheads as well as little red spots. 


An easy way to remove makeup before bed


Some nights you may not have time for an extensive bedtime skincare routine. But we have a quick and simple way to remove your make up. Simply take a clean face cloth or cotton towel that’s big enough to cover your entire face. Run the hot tap until the water is warm. Put the cloth under the running water and then rinse out any excess water. 

Next, put the warm wash cloth over your face. This should open pores. Take a few drops of Lumity’s botanical Facial Oil and dot under your eyes and perhaps a few dots on your T-zone and one on your chin. 

Take the warm towel and using gentle outwards sweeping motions remove your makeup. 

Repeat again if you feel you need to and then use warm water to rinse your face. 

Finally, using clean hands, apply a few drops of Lumity Facial Oil and gently massage into the skin. 

The botanicals in the oil will heal and moisturise the skin overnight so you’ll awake with healthy looking skin – rather than an overnight breakout.


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