Women who are rocking their age and promoting body-positivity

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5 women who are promoting body positivity

The fashion rules have most definitely changed since our mothers were in their forties. We take a look at five inspiring women who are rocking their age and promoting body positivity.


Forty never looked so good. When our mothers were in their forties they were told to put away their jeans, short skirts and tight clothing, that they shouldn’t have long hair and that bikinis were strictly for women in their twenties.

Thankfully that particular fashion rule book has been torn up and consigned to history for good.

These days, it’s all about wearing what you want, when you want because it makes YOU feel good. It’s not about pleasing others.

So it makes us proud when we see women looking and feeling better than ever and proudly flaunting the results of their hard work in the clothes they want. 

We’ve chosen to celebrate a handful of these body-positive stars who refuse to banish their bikinis and other fashion favourites to the back of their wardrobes and instead wear them with pride.



Davina McCall: Fabulous at 50



50-years-old and certainly able to pull off not only a bikini, but a thong bikini at that. Davina McCall admitted she was “pretty chuffed” to wear the scantily clad piece of swimwear days before turning the big 5-0 last year and we don’t blame her.

Since undertaking a body overhaul in 2015 she regularly flaunts her six-pack and lean physique on social media and says since cutting out sugar and embarking on a fitness regime she feels better than ever.

And, she’s set a brilliant goal for this year: After making back-to-back smash workout and fitness DVDS, Davina has decided to get her personal training qualifications.


Melanie Sykes: Hit the gym after becoming a mum


Being a 47-year-old mum of two hasn’t made Melanie Sykes cover up and we can see why.

It wasn’t until a few years after she had her children that she became interested in exercise, but now you can’t keep her away from the gym.

She credits her killer abs and all round ripped body to an endless list of workouts from pilates, to weight training, boot camps, tennis and barre classes.


Amanda Holden: Ignoring the body bullies 


No bikini is too small for pint-sized Amanda Holden. The Britain’s Got Talent judge, 47, loves sharing sizzling snaps of herself on holiday. Despite being trolled for being too thin Amanda boldly continues to showcase her gym-honed body.


Halle Berry: Transforming mind, body and soul 


Halle Berry says she’s in the best physical and emotional shape of her life.

But she also wants to inspire others to look after their health: Halle has teamed up with her trainer Peter Lee Thomas. Together they’re documenting her journey to wellness through weekly “#FitnessFriday” updates on Instagram.

They’re encouraging the star’s army of fans to join in and we love that. Instead of treating yourself to an after work trip to the bar, why not try out the barre instead?


Elizabeth Hurley: Looking and feeling more fantastic than ever



The British star of TV show The Royals is looking incredible. And most importantly, she seems happier and healthier than ever.

True, she has her own swimwear brand to promote, but she’s most definitely her own best advert.

We couldn’t resist sneaking in this photo of her with current co-star Joan Collins – who has been defining the word fabulous since most of us were in our teens.


Obviously whilst we are all about body positivity and everyone loving themselves, don’t forget – if you’re heading off for some winter sun to stock up on toxin free SPF, sun hats and to take care of your precious skin.


For other amazing females taking their age by the horns read this piece on rocking your age. Or perhaps you’d be interested in why Kylie Minogue is proud to turn 50.

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