How to work off your Easter Eggs – indulge without the guilt

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How to work off Easter eggs and indulge without the guilt

It’s Easter and we all know what that means – eggs, chocolate, and endless almost-impossible-to-resist treats in the house. One way to stay on top of the calorie explosion is to up your exercise levels.  But exactly how many calories are lurking in those sweet treats? We break it down.


Easter is a time to test even the most resolute of healthy eaters among us. With baskets overflowing with chocolate eggs and the smell of Easter cakes wafting out of the kitchen, it’s impossible to resist everything – and also, why should we? Moderation is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so a little bit of indulgence is fine so long as you keep track.


Exactly how bad for you are Easter eggs?


But just how bad is the odd Easter egg for the waistline? How many calories do a few sneaky chocolate nibbles actually add to our daily totals. And what kind of exercise would we have to do to ensure we worked off any potential excess weight?

It’s actually a really useful exercise to break down the facts – so not only do you know how to up your activity to compensate for any treats, you also are aware of exactly how many extra calories each little indulgence costs.

We’ve broken it all down for you here – so you can see at a glance how calorific each temptation is, and then also see how active you’d have to be to offset any consequences a little extra chocolate would otherwise have on your waistline.


How many calories are there in Easter eggs?


Malteasers Easter Bunny – 156 calories

Go for a walk: If you weigh about 160kgs, you’ll burn off a bunny in about half an hour of gentle walking. So indulge in your bunny mid-way through an hour-long amble and you’ll still have done yourself some good by the end.

9 Cadbury’s Mini Eggs – 148 calories

Hit the gym: It’ll take 25 minutes of weight training or 15 minutes of high impact exercise class to work off the extra energy in a nine mini eggs. If you push on a little beyond that then you’ll have done yourself some good too.

1 Cadbury’s Creme Egg – 170 calories

Jump in the pool: It’ll take about 15 minutes of vigorous swimming to negate the calorific impact of a creme egg – if you’re taking things a little slower in the pool you might need to swim for nearer 20.

Lindt Gold Milk Bunny (200g) 1100 calories

The calorie hit from this delicious bunny is high – and it’s unlikely that you’d be able to work it all off in one day so best to spread out the indulgence. Having said that, the thousand calories in the milk chocolate bunny shell could be sweated away fast if you’re really fit; running at 6 miles per hour for about 90 minutes could see you expending that amount of energy – but you shouldn’t attempt it if that’s not the kind of fitness you usually do.

Ferrero Rocher Easter Egg (275g) – Egg – 1064 calories, Ferrero Rochers – 603 calories


How to melt off unwanted Easter calories fast


Skipping is another high energy work out – and you’ll need a few of those up your sleeves if you’re planning on finishing off this Easter egg and the little supply of Ferrero Rocher choccies all on your own. By really going for it with a skipping rope, you could probably shed an entire 1064 calories in an hour and a quarter (that takes care of the egg shell). But that much skipping is really tough and you wouldn’t be able to do anywhere near that amount of time if you’re not already very experienced skippers.

Interval training is similarly effective at shifting calories – and the Rocher chocolates could be burned off with an hour or so of high intensity interval work. (Anyone else suddenly finding the thought of sinking the whole egg a whole lot less appealing?!)

If none of that puts you off eating a pile of Easter eggs, don’t forget that refined sugar causes premature ageing. That’s right, sugar causes a process under your skin called glycation which shows up your face in the form of wrinkles. Also, it plays havoc with your hormones and your insulin levels. Meaning the sugar high will result in a crash causing you to feel exhausted. It may also show up as patches of inflammation in your skin, as well as causing breakouts and sleepless nights. 

One word of caution: It’s important not to overdo exercise and always consult a doctor before engaging in a new fitness regime. Amount of calories burned is dependent on many factors, including weight and fitness level so the above are guides only.

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