World compliment day: Ways to graciously accept a compliment

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We've taken a look at ways to graciously accept a compliment, without shooting them down! There's a lot to be said for self-confidence and thanking others!
Many of us spend our lives consciously or subconsciously seeking out approval from others and yet when we are paid a compliment we shoot it down instead of accepting it. We’ve taken a look at ways to graciously accept a compliment, without shooting them down!

When somebody tells you your hair looks nice it’s almost a knee jerk reaction to say bashfully, ‘it really needs cutting or my roots are a mess’. Even if you’ve just been to the salon you might nervously be inclined to say ‘thank you’ and then immediately follow it up with a ‘but’. 

One huge stumbling block seems to be that simply accepting a compliment without a ‘you look lovely as well’ can be perceived as arrogant. But a well meaning compliment shouldn’t be paid purely because you want one in return. 

So in honour of ‘World Compliment Day’ Lumity are shedding some light on how to graciously accept kind words without becoming a shy, nervous wreck or appearing conceited.

Feel Proud

You wouldn’t berate your child for being happy of their achievements so why beat yourself up about yours? If you’ve done something worthy of a compliment stand proud and bask in the kind comments from people who value and recognise what you have done. There’s no need to downplay, let yourself shine. 

Check Your Body Language

If someone tells you you’re amazing you may blush, or instantly look the other way, fold your arms or get all twitchy. Instead try looking them in they eye, smiling and saying ‘thank you’. The wrong type of body language can send the wrong message and make you look disinterested.

Work on Your Follow Up

Sometimes just saying ‘thank you’ can feel really awkward. So instead think of some follow ups which don’t belittle the compliment but makes you feel more comfortable. For example you could say ‘that means a lot’ or ‘no one has ever told me that before’. 

If it’s a compliment on your appearance you could even pay the compliment forward by praising the person responsible for your new haircut or who picked out your dress. 

Ask a Question

It’s understandable if saying just those two words leaves you desperate to keep talking. However rather than launching into a lengthy, unnecessary and self deprecating spiel, how about you fire back with a question. Perhaps someone tells you they love how you have decorated the house. You could thank them and then ask them whether they’re interested in interior design. Before you know it a conversation has begun and the awkwardness you were feeling about the compliment is long gone.

Think of it as a Gift

Rather than just a bunch of words try thinking of a compliment as a verbal gift which you can unwrap and appreciate. You wouldn’t launch a present back at the person who gave it to you and the same should go for a compliment.

Let Compliments Become Your New Normal!

If you’ve recently started taking Lumity’s supplements, people are extremely likely to start telling you that you look well, and perhaps as if you’ve been on a recent holiday. Smile and enjoy it! – it’s a sign that you’re taking care of yourself and that is worth far more of an investment in the long-term than someone noticing that you’ve spent money on the latest designer watch or handbag! (Although there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself!).

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