World Earth Day: Changes you can make to protect the planet

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You can help save the planet by making small changes to your every day life. From using less water to reducing your plastic

On April 22 we celebrate World Earth Day and in honour of our planet we’re looking at the changes you can make to your every day lives to protect it. 

We know plastic pollution is crippling our ecosystem and landfills are being overloaded with waste and yet there are so many simple things we could all be doing to improve the world we live in that we may not be aware of. 

In a bid to fight for the future of this planet and cut down on energy waste, lessen pollution and reduce plastic wastage we need to all go green.

Here are some very simple ways you can help tackle the challenges earth faces today.

Don’t waste water

Water shortages are likely to be one of the biggest problems when it comes to climate change and yet how many of us are guilty of standing at the sink brushing our teeth and letting the water run? There are so many ways you can reduce water wastage and they could actually save you time.

 – Shorten the length of your showers

 – Reuse waste water from washing up to water the garden

 – Only wash full loads of clothes

 – Eat less meat. Rearing meat and dairy uses a lot of water

 – Catch your rainwater in a water butt and use that to water your plants

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Reduce plastic packaging

The war on plastic is an epic one because it is everywhere! When you look at your bins it’s likely spilling over with plastic bottles and food packaging and this is ending up in our oceans. Cutting down on plastic is not only imperative it’s pretty easy too.

 – Switch to hair shampoo and conditioning bars

 – Order paper wrapped toilet paper to be delivered to you at home

 – Buy beauty products – like Lumity supplements and facial oil – that come in glass bottles

 – Invest in a reusable water bottle and fill up from the tap

 – Use reusable shopping bags

 – Avoid excessive food packaging

 – Find a refill station for your detergent

Launder sensibly

With the exception of your underwear and dirty garments your clothes do not have to be washed after every single time you wear them. Doing the laundry uses up a lot of energy, water and chemicals and actually washing your clothes too often lessens their life span!  

Keep your clothes looking new longer and the environment healthier with these green washing tips.

 – Wash on a lower water temperature

 – Wear your clothes more than once

 – Use the eco setting if you have one

 – Only wash when you have a full load 

 – Reduce the amount of detergent you use

 – Put your clothes out to dry rather than using the tumble dryer

 – Don’t iron if you don’t have to as it uses up energy and destroys the fabric

 – Avoid dry cleaning. It’s really not very green

Eat sustainable foods

Making a conscious effort to eat as sustainably as you can is a huge step towards protecting the environment. Sustainable production of food means farming practices are used that help conserve natural resources and impact the environment as little as possible.

 – Help your health and the world you live in by cutting down on processed foods

 – Buy as much seasonal produce as you can

 – Grow any fruit, vegetables or herbs that you have the ability to

 – Eat less meat 

 – Compost your food

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Use less fuel

Minimise the impact of your driving on the environment and your purse by reducing your fuel consumption. How often you drive and the way you are behind the wheel changes the amount of petrol you use.

 – Treat your body and the environment by walking or riding your bike when you can

 – Stick to the speed limit. The faster you drive the more fuel you use

 – Make sure your gas cap is screwed on tight

 – Use air conditioning in moderation

 – Don’t leave the engine running unnecessarily

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