Write your to-do list this way for a less stressful day

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If you think list making is tedious and demoralising then think again. Writing a to-do list the right way can reduce your stress levels, give you more time and make you feel accomplished.

There’s no denying that a to-do list the length of your arm can be a daunting prospect and one which might make you want to walk away entirely. However lists can be extremely beneficial – and not just for getting your chores done. They can actually be great for your wellbeing too.

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Pick Your Medium

Whether you like to physically write your list with an old fashioned pen and paper or use an app on your phone know that there’s no right or wrong way to physically do it. Just do what works for you.

Make Several Lists

Create long term and short term lists rather than bundling them all onto one. Splitting your tasks into sections can make the work appear more manageable. Plus the thrill of completing a whole list and being able to throw it away will be invigorating. Everyday things could be ‘posting a letter’ or ‘paying an online bill’ but items on your weekly list might be not be quite so urgent. You can then be comfortable with the fact items on your long term list are an ongoing project.

how to make your goals a reality
Keeping track of your day’s aims helps you to feel accomplished


You have to be realistic when making a list or you’ll get completely bogged down with what you haven’t achieved as opposed to what you have. Try to keep it simple. Make a list of the things you want to do that day and then cut it in half. There’s no doubt half of the stuff you think you have to do right away can actually be added to your weekly list.

Pick a Top Two

If you can get two really important things done in the day then that’s actually great. A jam-packed schedule might mean you simply can’t get everything on your day’s list done, but knowing you’ve done two MUSTS will make you feel accomplished. 

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Start Small

Don’t dive into the hefty tasks the second you wake up, pick an easy couple of things you can tick off the list while you warm up to the bigger stuff. It’ll feel good to cross something off early doors and hopefully put a spring in your step. 

Be Specific

If you’re too vague your task can be overwhelming. For example if you write ‘arrange refinance on mortgage’ it’s scarily daunting. If you break that down and become more specific by adding points such as ‘gather January’s bank statements’, you’ll eventually get to your goal. 

Start a Fresh Every Day

You don’t need crumpled pieces of paper hanging around reminding you of the stuff you didn’t get finished. Start a fresh every day – even if you transfer a lot of the tasks – with a newly organised clean slate. 

You can add ‘take Lumity Day and Night Supplements’ to the top of your to-do list to ensure you remember to take them. If you need other ways to remind ourself then you might like to read this article too.

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